Test Scoring

Computing services test scoring

Computing Services provides a test scoring service using an NCS Person OpScan scanner that requires a special form.



Test Scoring Location
  • Computing Services, Room G-13, Still Hall
  • Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm
  • Tests can be signed in by a student, secretary, or an instructor
  • Under normal conditions, there is a 5-minute wait or you may pick them up at a later time
  • Tests are graded first come, first served basis


Scan Sheets
  • Are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
  • Come in a package of 500 which can be obtained from the Receiving department
  • 100 questions per sheet
  • 5-responses per question


The Key (Instructors only)
  • Have the Instructor's name written at the top along with the course name and section number
  • Must use a #2 pencil - ink or colored pencils will NOT read
  • There can ONLY be one answer per question.  If there are two answers, a second key will be required and the test ran through a second time
  • Keep the scan sheets in good condition.  Do not fold, bend, or hole-punch the sheets or allow them become warped.
  • Click here for an example of the Key


Instructions for the students
  • Use a #2 pencil ONLY
  • Write your name at the top
  • Bubble in the letters that correspond with your name
  • Do NOT write or bubble in your Social Security number.  Use your identification number (if given one) and mark the corresponding boxes
  • Erase mistakes thoroughly
  • Do not make an stray marks on the test form. 
  • Do not fold, bend, or hole-punch the sheets


  • There are (4) different reports that you will receive with each test

    • Alpha Report - students are put in Alphabetical order by their last name along with their score

    • Item Analysis - allows you to analyze each question for its difficulty

    • Scoring - will show the student's actual score, standard test score, and the percentile rank

    • Test Scan Data - shows exactly what each student answered for each question

  • Each report will display the instructor's name and course at the top.
Last Updated 3/4/20