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Policies and Procedure

Late Night Policy

Late Night Policy can be found on page 66 of Rights, Regulations, and Procedures at


Space requests must be submitted at least seven(7) days in advance.  Requests for large scale events must be submitted at least thirty(30) days prior to the event. 


Campus Organizations can submit a space request form by clicking the space request link. Space requests for recognized student organizations(RSOs) must be submitted with the RSO username and password. Contact your advisor for this information if necessary.


External groups wishing to use university facilities must contact the Director of Auxiliary Operations. This includes all activities that are considered non university sponsored events even if a faculty or staff member happens to be affiliated with the requesting group.

To request space, contact the Office of Conference and Event Services at: (814) 393-2705 or fax us at (814) 393-2509. You will then be asked to fill out a Facilities Usage Request Form which will be turned in to the Office of Conference and Event Services.

Once a completed request form is received, we will contact other appropriate departments on your behalf to confirm that the facilities and services requested are available and issue you a formal agreement. A certificate of insurance and any payment, as noted on the agreement, are required when returning the agreement.

Please review the facility usage policy for additional information and rates.

Protection and supervision of minors on campus

PennWest Clarion's Protection of Minors Policy seeks to promote the safety and security of children under the age of 18 years (minors), who participate in university-sponsored programs or activities held at the university, programs housed in university facilities, or held under the authority of the university at off-campus locations.

This policy requires the registration of all programs involving minors that occur on campus and all university-sponsored programs that occur off campus; describes the requirements of administrators, faculty, coaches, staff, students, independent contractors and volunteers who interact with minors; and informs all members of the university community of their obligation to report any instances of known or suspected child abuse. 

If you work at PennWest Clarion and you are hosting minors, please review this list of requirements to bring minors on campus. 

A list of any authorized adults, who are taking part in activities with minors, must be provided, as well as a narrative of trainings, which details the trainings those authorized individuals have received.

Last Updated 8/22/22