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Procurement Services for Clarion University are provided by the Regional Procurement Office, which supports the purpose and goals of the university in its pursuit of providing educational opportunities to its diverse student population -- by procuring quality goods and services at competitive prices for all university customers. Regional Procurement personnel strive to achieve these goals by providing good customer service in a timely manner.

Procurement personnel are morally, ethically, and legally obligated to purchase all materials and services at the lowest possible price while still considering quality, service and delivery in accordance with all laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is extremely important to note that no one other than a Regional Procurement Office Agent is authorized to commit the university to a purchase of a commodity or a service. Any university faculty or staff member ordering something either verbally or by signing an agreement, without the proper authorization, may be held personally liable for the cost of the service.

Meet the Procurement Shared Services team

Main Number


Jennifer Lewis
Director, Western Regional Procurement Office
(724) 357-3077
(724) 549-8176 cell


Jamie Carnahan, Services Lead
Ext. 614702

Judy Magee, PA Supervisor
Ext. 614709

Melanie Wilkie, PA
Ext. 614714

Cathy Tonkavitch, Mgmt Tech
Ext. 614712


Melissa Walker, IT Lead

Nate Laidacker, PA Supervisor

Pam Higinbotham, PA
Ext. 614706

Loren Flynn, PA
Ext. 614705


Darla Spaid, Materials Lead
Ext. 614711

Brenda Gruber, PA
Ext. 614704

Complex Procurement

Kathy Lucas, Procurement Consultant
Ext. 614708

Change Management

Michele Fatora, Mgmt Tech

Last Updated 3/28/22