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Disability Support

What is Disability Support Services (DSS)?

The office of Disability Support Services is available to any enrolled PennWest Clarion student having a documented disability. The office of Disability Support Services provides student with reasonable accommodations as documented through evaluations. Appropriate accommodations are individually based upon identified need. The coordinator meets with these students each semester to determine the effectiveness of the accommodation and to evaluate the need for any further services.


How to Access Services

1. Identification:
Students are solely responsible for contacting the DSS Office to request any accommodations or services.

2. Documentation:
After a request is made, student must provide documentation under the following guidelines:

Completed by a licensed and/or certified professional

Contains the evaluator's name(s), and title(s), testing date(s), and student's age and grade level

Includes any relevant test scores, other relevant data and interpretations

Is based on a battery of instruments which addresses aptitude, academic achievement and information processing (DSM-IV criteria for learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD)

Identifies the disability or medical condition and describes the limits it imposes

Contains current information (no more than 3 years old)

3. Evaluation:
The student and coordinator will meet to determine if the request is supported by the documentation. Services are provided dependent upon sufficient documentation. Students need to meet at the beginning of each semester to determine appropriate services for the current semester.

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Where to Get Services

Coordinator: Mr. Ron Radaker
Location: 323 Becht Hall
Hours: Monday-Friday
8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Phone: 814 393 1877
Text Telephone (TTY/TDD): 814 393 1877
Fax: 814 393 2368 

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What Services are Available?

Disability-Related Curricular and Test Accommodations may include:

Extended time for exams

Reader for exams

Scribes for exams

Word processor for exams

Alternate test location

Objective exams, when possible

Essay exams, when possible

Oral exams, when possible

Word processor for written assignments

Extended time for in-class assignments

Taped lectures

Tapes textbooks

Note taking assistance

Sign language interpretation

Assistive technology

Priority registration

Liaison with agencies (OVR, BVS)

*Accommodations are based on documentation, e.g., psycho-educational evaluations for students with learning disabilities; medical statements for student with physical disabilities or chronic health conditions, and need. The nature of the student's disability, as well as the student's functional limitation, is considered when accommodations are determined.

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What disability support services are available for online students?

If you have a disability and would typically request accommodations in traditional classroom settings, there may also be reason for us to discuss the possibility of accommodations for this class. Online courses often present new challenges to full accessibility that are best resolved by early review. All students requesting accommodations must be registered with the office of Disability Support Services. Please contact Disability Support Services as soon as possible to begin this review process so that all appropriate arrangements can be put in place in a timely fashion.

PennWest Clarion is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.

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Last Updated 10/11/23