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Nondegree and Transient Applicants


Transient Applicant

Students from another university may enroll in up to two graduate courses at PennWest Clarion on the courtesy basis of transferring the earned credits back to their current institution.

Checklist for Transient Students

_____Complete the Transient Student Graduate Application

_____Submit a copy of your undergraduate transcripts showing the bachelor's degree awarded.


Please send the Transient Graduate Application form to:
Graduate Programs
PennWest Clarion of Pennsylvania
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214

Non-Degree Applicant

Non-Degree Students
Students who want to engage in graduate classes without formally entering a graduate program may take up to nine credits under non-degree status. Such individuals should apply for a "non-degree" admission status at the time of application. All admission requirements must be met. Individuals remaining in this status may not receive a graduate degree. Courses taken while a person is in the non-degree status will be identified as non-degree on the student's transcript. The non-degree student who, after taking courses in non-degree status determines to seek a graduate degree, must formally apply and be admitted to a graduate degree program under regular admission procedures. Graduate programs may or may not accept courses taken while a student is in non-degree status.

Applicants admitted on a non-degree basis are not guaranteed regular full-admission status. Certain course restrictions apply for non-degree students. No more than 6-9 graduate credits of work completed as a non-degree student may later be transferred to a degree or certificate program.

Non-degree seeking students must complete an application packet as outlined with the exception of recommendation forms (not required). Carefully review the Non-Degree Status Admission section of the PennWest Clarion Graduate Catalog.

Please use this application to apply as a Non-Degree Student.

Last Updated 8/14/23