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Clarion Online MBA faculty second to none

April 13, 2021

USNWRThe U.S. News and World Report ranks Clarion Online’s Master of Business Administration faculty at No. 1 for faculty credentials and training.

The ranking was part of its criteria for ranking Clarion Online's MBA program at 117th in the nation.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the ranking and training score is determined by "how well a school prepares qualified instructors to teach remotely."

The maximum score is 100, which Clarion's professors received.

"We have a dedicated faculty who prepare our students for the industry of choice. This is completed through team building and experiencing real industrial problems," said Dr. Phil Frese, dean of the College of Business Administration and Information Sciences.

Additionally, all of Clarion University's Clarion Online MBA professor have Ph.Ds. and include Kreag Danvers, Jason Heavilin, Tony Johns, Miguel Olivas-Luján, Rod Raehsler, Frank Shepard, Sandra Trejos, Paul Woodburne, Nripendra Singh, and Chad Smith.

"To sum up, I believe that my colleagues and I have been providing highly effective learning experiences for our MBA students by not simply being student-centered instructors, but also world-class researchers and professional/community volunteers," said Olivas-Luján.

The students have noticed the impact professors have had on their education.

"Clarion is AACSB accredited and is one of the very few online schools that offer this accreditation. They developed well-rounded courses that taught business management concepts that I use on a daily basis," said Clarion Online MBA student Garrett Orange.

Other students needed the flexibility online classes provided but soon realized they were not sacrificing anything by taking classes in an online format.

"Honestly, I took these classes online because they provide the flexibility to work a full-time job and get a degree. Each professor I've had has taken steps to provide either interactive learning, virtual office hours, and recorded lectures," said Clarion Online MBA student Lauren Carlson.

Other students knew what to expect from Clarion professors and decided to continue their graduate studies, in part, because of them.

"I did my undergrad degree with Clarion University and knew I would feel more comfortable continuing my education with Clarion because I knew the professors and their expectations," said Clarion Online MBA student Shelby Reitz. "Clarion University's professors helped push me to step outside my comfort zone and learn new things. They taught me valuable lessons that I can use in my career as well as my personal life."

Clarion Online MBA faculty also have been known to offer support to students once they've flown the nest.

"I keep in touch with many alumni through social media, which allows me to rejoice with them when they have promotions, career moves, and even personal events like weddings and children. That way, when they have a question or a request (e.g., write a recommendation or find ways to address a work problem), it is easier for me to provide some suggestions," said Olivas-Luján.

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