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Meal Plans



MEal Plan Important Information

Meal plans allow our students the flexibility and convenience to eat meals without worrying about having cash on hand along with added value.  Meal plan features include:

  • No more time zones!  Students can eat up to six times a day using boards.
  • Flex is a declining balance that can be used at all dining venues on campus to grab snacks and pay for meals.
  • Each meal plan and block plan will have five guest meals that will be available for each semester.
  • New Residential take-out plan for Eagle Commons.
  • Meal plans and Flex only plans roll over from Fall to Spring.

Select a plan

Students can select a plan by logging into the PennWest portal at

 On campus Suites or off-campus  
14 Meals per week with $225 flex * Default plan $2170
19 Meals per week with $200 flex        $2139
10 Meals per week with $225 flex           $1885
175 meals per semester with $225 flex  $1800
Reinhard Villages, off-campus and commuter additional options  
7 Meals per week with $100 flex               $1150
75 meals per semester with $100 flex $825




*Note - Meal plan charges are subject to change without prior notice and such changes shall take precedence over existing charges set forth in the contract.  All charges are subject to Council of Trustee approval


Cancel a Plan

Any student wishing to cancel a meal plan or flex plan during the semester, would require an extenuating circumstance. The request will be reviewed and may or may not be approved.  If approved, a refund is not guaranteed, but would be considered.  Students living within campus housing are required to keep a meal plan and are not able to cancel during the semester.  If students are leaving the university, meal plans can be cancelled and refunds would be considered. 

Students that live off-campus and want to cancel meal plans or flex plans in between semesters will be approved; however, you will lose any flex that would normally roll to the spring semester.  Cancelling a meal plan or flex plan means there is no longer an active contract therefore the funds would be forfeited. 



Last Updated 8/14/22