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What happens If you test positive for COVID-19?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will not be permitted to isolate and stay within campus housing while you are positive.  We will require you to leave within 12 hours to mitigate the risk of spread within our on-campus housing community and to help keep our residents and staff safe.  We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that we have to navigate, but we do not have the resources or the staff to place students into isolation, as we had in previous semesters. Please make a plan with family/friends in case this would occur.

WHAT if i have to quarantine?

If you have been exposed and are not vaccinatedor if you have COVID symptoms and are waiting for test results, you will need to quarantine for the amount of days determined by Health Services/athletics staff.  We will provide meal delivery to those students with a meal plan and will be in touch once we are notified you need meals to make arrangements.  Be prepared to have snacks in your room in case there a delay in meal delivery especially on the day we will be notified.

Please know, our notifications for isolations and quarantines will be administered through your campus Health Services or athletics.  Please connect with them to provide accurate information regarding your circumstance and status.

 Additional information regarding COVID-19 can be found here

Last Updated 1/13/22