Bullying Information

U.S. National Center for Education Statistics suggests that bullying  can be classified into two categories: direct bullying, which consists  of physical aggression, and indirect bullying (also known as social  aggression), which more often consists of social isolation or emotional  manipulation. If you feel that you are being bullied, please complete the Bullying Report Form. 


 Clarion University has partnered with the #Day1 Campaign to raise awareness of bullying behaviors and to educate our campus community on how we all can take action to end it. For many people bullying doesn't end in high school. It can continue into college and adult life. Bullying goes hand in hand with hazing and sexual violence so it is important to tackle bullying head on whenever we witness it. It is important to not be a bystander to bullying but to be an Upstander. At Clarion, we have made the commitment to learn how to be an Upstander on our campuses and in our communities. 

If you are committed to be an Upstander to bullying please view Clarion University's #Day1 Campaign video. After viewing the video we encourage you to take a moment to read and sign the Upstander Pledge. Your completed pledge can then be given to Amy Salsgiver, Office of Social Equity, 210 Carrier Hall. 


Clarion University encourages any student who is being bullied or witnesses bullying to be active in reporting the incident. All reported incidents of bullying will be investigated to determine what the appropriate action is that needs to be taken. 

Reports of bullying can be submitted using the Bullying Report Form.

Last Updated 3/4/20