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computing services' staff directory

 Computing Services, Center for  G-13 Still Hall  2280
      Fax, 393-1846    
 General Computing Services' Contact Numbers    
      Help Desk  107 Becht Hall  2640
     Learning Technology Center (LTC)  G-13 Still Hall  1848
      Learning Support Services, Digital Resources  G-60 Becker  2602
      ResNet Support Center  109 Suites on Main South  2452
 AVP Office    
      Phillips, Michael, Interim Assoc. Dir/Mgr of Tech Services G-1 Still Hall 2537
      Myers, Heather G-13 Still Hall 2280
 Application Services    
    Mapes, Kerry - Senior Systems Analyst G-1 Still Hall 2672
     Grafton, Trevor G-11 Still Hall 2262
     Kreydt, Joe G-4 Still Hall 2689
     Lander, Jon G-4 Still Hall 2814
     Martin, Ken G-4 Still Hall  2674
Instructional Technology & Technology Support Services                                                                                           
   Learning Technology Center    
   Homan, Sue G-13 Still Hall 1765
   Johns, Lindsay  G-13 Still Hall 2190
   Mohnkern, Keith  G-13 Still Hall 1644
   User Services    
     Bauer, Scott - Manager 108 Becht Hall 2448
     Boyd, Matthew 107 Becht Hall 1850
     Cappella, Neko 409 Becht Hall  2048
     Scott, Joseph  409 Becht Hall  2076
     Venango Help Desk 117 Frame 1227
Technology Infrastructure Services    
   Client Services    
     Lambert, Andy G-10 Still Hall 1652
     Slagle, Brad G-8 Still Hall 1912
   Enterprise Services    
     Daugherty, Virgil G-5 Still Hall 1674
   Network Communication Services    
     Wehr, Matt  G-9 Still Hall 1615
     Werwie, Jason, Mgr of Server & Endpoint Infrastructure G-7 Still Hall 2218
     ResNet Support CenterWerwei  109 Suites on Main South  2452
Last Updated 3/7/23