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Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor


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Quickstart guide for students

Some courses you take at PennWest Clarion may require the use of Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for exams in D2L. This will require you to install LockDown Browser and utlize a webcam on your computer.

VIEW: Respondus LockDown Browser Overview [video: 2 min.] - Watch this short video to get a basic understanding of Respondus LockDown Browser and the webcam feature (Monitor).

READ: Student Quickstart Guide [ PDF ]

CHECK: System Requirements for Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor:

    • Windows: 10, 8.1 (Windows 10 is recommended)
    • Mac: OS X 10.12 or higher (Current Mac OS version is recommended)
    • iOS: 10.0+ (iPad only). (Current iOS version is recommended)
    • Administrative privileges (Required to installed hardware/software)
    • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
    • A broadband internet connection


  • iPad Users – Note that the Respondus Monitor settings have an iPad option that must be enabled on a per exam basis. Instructors sometimes don't permit students to use Respondus Monitor with an iPad unless it's placed on a stand and used with an external keyboard (the video recording has too much motion otherwise.)
  • Chromebook Users – Respondus Monitor isn't currently available for Chromebooks.
  • Mobile Phones – LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor aren't available for use on mobile phones, such as the iPhone or Android phones.
  • Compatibility Issues? - Several Carlson Library laptops have Rspondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor already installed. Students who do not have a Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor compatible device or do not have admin rights, may borrow a laptop from the Carlson Library on the Clarion Campus. See 'Instructions for taking a Respondus enabled D2L quiz on a library laptop' document. 


Taking a Quiz/Exam in a Brightspace/D2L course:

If your instructor is using Respondus LockDown Browser on an exam, you must log in to the D2L course and launch LockDown Browser from the Start Quiz page.

  1. Close all programs, except the browser you will use to log in to your course.
  2. Log into your D2L course.
  3. Navigate to your quiz and click on it to begin.
  4. If you already installed Respondus Lockdown Browser, choose the 'Launch LockDown Browser' button.
  5. Note: If first-time use, click 'download and install the latest version of Respondus LockDown Browser' to install the application. (Requires administrator rights to install). When done, go back to your course and proceed to 'Launch LockDown Browser' to begin the quiz.
  6. If prompted, close any blocked programs that may be running in the background (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging). This is normal.
  7. Proceed through the start-up process until the quiz is displayed. Quiz timing will not begin until Respondus LockDown Browser set-up is complete.
  8. Once an assessment has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser, you cannot exit the quiz/exam until the quiz has been submitted.



Information for Faculty

Respondus LockDown Browser is being piloted for the Fall 2020 term.



To participate in the pilot and gain access to the Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor tool, please email LTCsupport. Faculty must complete a self-paced training module before the service is activated in courses.







Last Updated 8/22/22