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TurningPoint Clickers

Student Response Systems (Clickers)

A student response system, also commonly called a "clicker," is a wireless device used to answer questions the instructor poses during a classroom session. TurningPoint, from Turning Technologies, is the university-supported classroom response standard and may be used with a TurningPoint QT or RF LCD hand-held clicker device or the TurningPoint Mobile app.

TurningPoint leverages secure, centralized cloud-based management of registration, courses, rosters and assessment data and is integrated with the Brightspace/D2L Learning Environment. It functions via PowerPoint polling or polling over any application.

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Getting Started Checklist 

If you decide to use clickers in your classroom teaching, please contact the LTC so we can assure that the TurningCloud software and receivers are installed and tested in the room you will be teaching in.

1. Specify clicker options you prefer for use in class :

(Keep in mind, not all students have Smart phones ,  so a handheld option should also be specified if you allow use of mobile devices)

The following models work with the D2L Integration for tracking and/or grading purposes:

  • Handheld Clickers - Order the clickers along with your other required course materials at the PennWest Clarion bookstore. Current models (May 2019): (Compatible Models PDF
    • Response Card NXT + Turning Account License
    • RF LCD + Turning Account License -  Product ID: RFC03-TPSUB-12-S ISBN: 978-1-934931-68-4
    • QT2 & Turning Account License - Product ID: RCQR02-TPSUB-12-S ISBN: 978-0-9972248-1-8
  • Mobile Device  - Use ResponseWare* App for mobile devices (phone, tablet) and wi-fi connected laptops

NOTE: ALL options (device or mobile) require user registration and a license. New clickers come bundled with a license; or a license may be purchased separately through the PennWest Clarion bookstore or Turning Technologies web store. Availability may vary. ResponseWare mobile app requires an app download (free) and license.

* Most economical for students.  

2. Request your FREE instructor kit.

3. Contact the LTC - Contact the Learning Technology Center at x1848 with the following information:

  • The classroom you will be teaching in - LTC will manage the TurningPoint App and receiver installation and testing
  • The D2L course(s) - Add the clicker registration widget (for D2L integration);
  • Training time - Stop in or call to set-up training and demo of the TurningPoint App and D2L integration.

4. Add the TurningPoint Clicker Account Registration widget to any D2L course where you are using clickers. (VIDEO

5. Create your account and connect your D2L course ( VIDEO  |  PDF instructions)  - Register a Turning Technologies account and connect your course(s). NOTE: You must use your Clarion email address:

6. Contact the Help Desk - Contact the Help Desk at x2640 with the CSID# to have the TurningPoint App installed on your university computer. (The CSID# is usually found on a white label)

7. Download software (OPTIONAL)  -  You may also want to install the TurningPoint App on your personal computer. Downloads for Mac and Windows PCs are available within your TurningPoint account and through the Turning Technologies website. 

8. Provide student instructions - Update syllabus to include clicker information that pertains to your course, such as:

  • WHAT: Required/permitted course materials -  specify clicker and/or mobile device options (See 1. above)
    • *** IMPORTANT - A Turning Account license is mandatory for each participant to associate response data to each student. If a participant does not purchase a Turning Account license, data will not be collected and, if awarding points,  scores will not be exported to D2L***
  • WHERE: Where to purchase a clicker, ResponseWare and license:  CU bookstore or via Turning Technologies store after account set-up. ResponseWare App must be downloaded from user mobile App stores.
  • HOW: How to register a clicker/device via D2L: Faculty should add the Clicker Registration widget to their course home pages in D2L or  create a clicker module in the content area ( please contact the LTC at x1848 with your course information to assure the Turning Technologies tool is enabled for the semester. ) 
  • WHO: Provide students with the instructions: (Student PDF)  to create an account and register their clicker device and/or license.
  • Clicker Expectations/Policies in the classroom
  • Describe how often clickers will be used in class
  • Define responsibility for device registration, battery life, getting assistance and bringing the device to class. If you will be making any exceptions, note them here. 

9.   Sync your D2L classlist with the TurningPoint App: Instructions (PDF)

10. Running a session in class:

  • Launch TP App from the classroom PC and sign in
  • Click on the Manage tab to create your participant list from D2L (Instructions)
  • Click on the Polling tab > click your participant list in the Participant panel > choose Polling type
    • Powerpoint Polling User Guide:  PC   |   MAC
    • Anywhere Polling User Guide:  All
    • Self-Paced Polling User Guide:  All
    • Video Tutorials

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Your instructor may have indicated that clickers will be used in the classroom. The University standard is Turning Technologies handheld device ( QT2 or ResponseCard LCD  models only ) and/or TurningPoint Mobile app for mobile devices.  Make sure you purchase the option selected by your instructor! Clicker devices and apps are not compatible or interchangeable

Students need the following 3 things in order to receive credit when using a clicker in their class:

  • SUBSCRIPTION (also called "license")
  • CLICKER device or mobile app
  1. Purchase your clicker device or the license only. The handheld clicker device is available at the PennWest Clarion Bookstore and on the Turning Technologies website. (you must create an account to purchase devices and licenses at the Turning Tech store)   Compatible clicker models  
    • Make sure you check with your instructor before creating your account! Some courses integrate the clicker registration with D2L . 
    • Licenses are required for all clickers and mobile devices and are available bundled with the device at the PennWest Clarion Bookstore or on the Turning Technologies store (accessible via your Turning account)
  2. Register your device and/or license through your D2L course site using the Clicker Registration widget or link provided by your instructor. 
  3. If you have purchased the subscription/license, download the mobile app from here using the Turning Technologies Website. (link to AppStore or GooglePlay)


  • Use the mobile app - requires only a subscription/license code (check with your instructor or course syllabus for recommendations and to make sure mobile devices and app are permitted in class )
  • The license and clickers can be used in multiple classes simultaneously and for more than one semester*(*license terms vary). 

Account setup: 

  1. Access/create your Turning Account via your D2L course using the TurningPoint Clicker Account Registration link or widget as directed by your instructor.
  2. Click create account - complete information as directed. You MUST use your Clarion Eagle mail account
  3. Enter device ID and/or license code as directed.

           For more directions, click the following link. PDF

Other Info: 

  • Turning on the clicker – It is always on! Just press a button to "wake" it up!
  • Batteries – 2 AAA
  • Not Getting Points? - Make sure your device ID is registered
  • Not Getting Points?- Make sure your Turning Account License is validated
  • Not Getting Points? - Make sure your clicker has fresh batteries
  • Not Getting Points? Make sure you registered and set up your account using the widget on your class D2L page
  • Support:

Telephone: 1-866-746-3015

Last Updated 8/19/22