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Consulting is not your typical 9-to-5 job. It offers a unique career path, along with challenges and opportunities you won't find in a normal corporate firm. So if you think you can take challenges to solve business problems…this is for you.

mountain tentClarion Consulting Center is created for Clarion students, faculty members, and community members to engage in real-world projects for mutual benefits. Students will learn by getting the experience, faculty will get professional development, and community will get consulting services.

CCC has following broad objectives:

  • To provide Clarion students and faculty with a platform to interact with businesses and institutions.
  • To provide Clarion students and faculty with an opportunity for hands-on projects.
  • To provide Clarion students and faculty with an opportunity for research projects.
  • To provide businesses and institutions with an opportunity to collaborate with Clarion students and faculty. 

The Big 4 firms – Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and EY – are the four largest professional service networks in the world. Big 4 along with MBB (McKinsey, BCG, and Bain) offer services in various business areas. There will be 23 million jobs in this sector by 2029 ( The table below shows the rewarding career opportunity as consultants. Please note in the last column that consulting firms hire mostly from Ivy Leagues. 



Do not feel nervous… a Clarion graduate has already made it to Deloitte. See interview of our recent graduate Joey Kerle, who helped start CCC and ‘Clarion Consulting Association’ (CCA) for the students (go to CU Connect to JOIN today).   

Myth: “Consulting is just for College of Business students.”

Consulting jobs/business/industry (or CCC or CCA) is not just for College of Business students. It’s open to ALL undergraduate and graduate students! It’s great practical experience by engaging in real-business projects and help businesses to find solutions of their problems.

For more information on CCC and CCA, please contact Dr. Nripendra Singh (Center Director) at

Last Updated 8/22/22