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At Clarion, course placement preceding your first semester is about determining which mathematics, writing, and freshman inquiry seminar course will best fit your needs and interests in the first year. Completing these courses during your first year at the University makes it more likely that you will graduate within 4-5 years. Each of these courses emphasizes the development of foundational academic skills that all college students need to be successful. As you work through your placements, you will notice that you have the opportunity to make decisions about which courses are the right fit for you.  There are two places that you must access in order to complete these placements.

1. You will access your mathematics placement in MyClarion. Instructions on how to log in to MyClarion are found here.   

2. You will place yourself into your writing course (English 110 or English 111) . Instructions on how to log in to D2L are found here

Please take the placement process seriously, and take your time to work through your course placements.

Mathematics Placement - Incoming freshmen at Clarion Campus are placed into their first college mathematics course using the ALEKS math assessment.  Students should click here for more information about this placement assessment. 

Writing Placement (English 110 or 111) – Directed Self-Placement is a process through which students, with knowledge and guidance, choose the first-year writing course that best fits their needs and academic plans. Students’ reading and writing histories and their degree of comfort with academic writing should also aid in the selection process.  For more information, click here.  For questions, contact the Director of Writing, Dr. Rich Lane at

OPTIONAL: Foreign Language Placement Exam - Students who are interested in taking a foreign language course or are required to take foreign language courses for their degree should take the foreign language placement exam prior to enrolling in courses. Directions on how to complete the placement exam can be found here.

First semester schedule
After new freshmen complete their required placements, their name is forwarded to the appropriate office to have a schedule made for them.  Most freshman schedules will have some general education courses and courses in the major.  This blend of courses is set by the academic department of each major.

Students are highly encouraged to check their student EagleMail regularly prior to the start of the semester.

Last Updated 4/13/22