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The University Art Galleries are dedicated to the advancement of the visual arts in both the university and community at large. Our galleries bring the visual arts to campus and the surrounding area by exhibiting works of regional, national and international artists, as well as exhibitions of Clarion University faculty and students. Programming has included a diverse array of solo and group exhibitions of contemporary artists, traveling exhibitions, artists' lectures, workshops, poetry readings and interdisciplinary events.

Clarion University's Sandford Gallery was founded in 1972 in the Marwick-Boyd Fine Arts Center. It now houses the permanent collection and is used as a study gallery.

In 2002, the University Art Gallery, an ADA accessible facility, was opened in Carlson Library. The University Art Gallery, located in the lower level of Carlson Library, is run by the art department and presents two to three exhibitions of contemporary art a year as well as the annual Bachelor of Fine Arts show at the end of the spring semester. The University Art Gallery has shown an impressive array of contemporary artists from around the world in group exhibitions, including Andy Warhol and William Kentridge. 

The Empty Set Gallery is a student run space housed in Marwick Boyd Fine Arts Building. Programming consists primarily of exhibitions of student work and student curated exhibitions. Each BFA and BA student has a solo exhibition in the Empty Set Gallery. For information about exhibitions in the Empty Set Gallery or to propose an exhibition contact VizArtZ - the art student organization.

University Art Gallery

 Bekah Alviani Postcards


3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Tuesday and Thursday

Art Majors Virtual Art Gallery

Kiara Nixon
The Significance of Black Beauty

Kiara NixonMy paintings and style of art is very cultured. It often portrays black people in the most empowering/uplifting way possible because as a young, black woman, I strongly believe that representation matters. However, often times when you think of black people, there is a negative connotation to our history: Slavery, oppression, police brutality, etc. I want my audience to recognize that black people are mighty, regal, and royal creatures. I do this by painting people of color in a way that embodies their beauty and elegance, which may further prove to them that their curves, hair and melanated skin are something to be admired and not ignored.


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Bekah Alviani - Gallery of Abandoned Mining Town

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