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Economics Department Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are available to business economics majors in the College of Business Administration. Internships also are available to traditional economics majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Internships serve as work experience for seniors and graduate students who have completed a significant number of academic courses.

Interested in an internship?

  • Students must maintain at least a 2.5 QPA.
  • Internships take place in the spring, fall and summer.
  • Students who wish to participate should contact their Economics Department advisor or the coordinator of the program of interest for more information. 
  • Credits range from a minimum of six credits to a maximum of 12 credits. The number of credits is determined by the departmental faculty coordinator and the internship program.

Co-ops also may be of interest to you. Co-op courses are based on legitimate learning experiences concurrent with the classroom activities. Credits awarded range from one to nine as determined by the faculty coordinator.

Independent study credits also are available with some internship programs allowing students to earn a full semester's credit.

Opportunities in co-ops and internships include:

  • Environmental studies
  • International business
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Urban Planning

Specific internship programs

The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS)

THIS is a prestigious paid internship in which the student gains an applied understanding of how Pennsylvania state government operates and by interning with a branch of government related to his or her major.  Each semester, students from schools in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education are selected to take part in this valuable program.  The student selected from Clarion University each semester receives a stipend which covers room and board, tuition, and most travel expenses while completing 15 credits in independent study and cooperative education.  Sophomore or junior students from any major will be considered as long as their overall quality-point average is 3.0 or above.

This internship is particularly valuable for those individuals interested in government work, graduate school, or a legal career.  Applications for each academic year are solicited during the previous spring semester.  

The State Employees Retirement System Investment Internship Program

This is a paid internship where interns perform tasks in business, financial management, investment analysis and statistical analysis fields. Students work within the SERS Investment office on behalf of their $23.5 billion investment program.  The intern will be expected to work closely with members of the SERS Investment office, external investment advisors and consultants. 

Candidates must be top students enrolled in a bachelor's program or a graduating senior admitted to the MBA program.  Eligible undergraduate fields of study include economics, quantitative analysis and statistics, computer sciences, finance or other business-related field.  Minimum qualifications include a 3.5 QPA overall and in the major. 

Interns receive a state employment fringe benefit package and an hourly wage.  Employment is in Harrisburg for 37.5 hours per week.  Housing is not arranged by SERS, but may be available through the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's Dixon Center in Harrisburg.  For more information, contact Dr. Robert S. Balough, Department of Economics.

The Capital Semester Internship Program

This program is an opportunity for students to learn how state government works.  It gives students a chance to earn money and college credit while experiencing professional duties of their prospective careers.  The Capital Semester Internship is sponsored by the governor's office rather than PASSHE. 

Unlike THIS, where Clarion is guaranteed a placement each semester, the CSIP is a statewide selection. The application procedure is similar requiring a complete resume, one-page essay and letter of reference from a faculty advisor.  THIS coordinators at PASSHE universities assist students in making applications and recruiting for the program. 

Credits obtained are structured in the same manner as THIS. The campus THIS coordinator will handle all paperwork for obtaining credit upon acceptance.  All unsuccessful applicants for THIS are strongly encouraged to apply for the CSIP.  For more information, contact the THIS coordinator.

Pennsylvania Management Internship Program

This program is sponsored by the governor's office for master's degree candidates.  It is similar to the CSIP. Applicants must complete their degree prior to the start of the internship.  The internship is essentially state employment with full benefits.  Successful completion of the internship will bring an offer for permanent placement and a rewarding career in public service.  Interested students should contact the Clarion University MBA director, who serves as the school liaison. 

The Institute for Experiential Learning - The Capital Experience

Graduate or undergraduate students who are chosen for this opportunity must have a 2.5 QPA. Selected students are awarded a full semester's worth of credit for this internship. 

Each intern works for four days per week in government agencies, businesses and/or law firms. The student’s experiences are usually affiliated with the intern's major field of study.  One day per week, the intern attends two seminars:

  • Experiential education seminar, which allows the group of interns to discuss the activities in their internships
  • Elective seminar, which is chosen from a list 

Interns can reside in a housing complex or individual apartments in Northern Virginia. Financial aid is applicable to this internship.  For more information, contact the IEL campus coordinator, visit, or write to:

Institute for Experiential Learning
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 707
Washington, D.C. 20006

Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program in Washington

The Institute for Experiential Learning announces a new educational endeavor, the Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars internship program in Washington, D.C.   Students accepted for this program will participate in the operations of the diplomatic and international community in Washington. 

Possible embassy duties may include:

  • Conducting research in embassies
  • Writing press releases
  • Composing reports on congressional hearings and legislation
  • Promoting trade and foreign investment
  • Preparing for cultural events and high-level visits 

In the State Department, interns may:

  • Research emergent international issues
  • Write reports for senior officials  
  • Follow the development of international-related legislation in Congress and help prepare official testimony

Furthermore, all interns will have an opportunity to improve their language skills as well as their cross-cultural communications ability. 

Students work four days a week and attend two academic seminars the fifth day. Most earn a full semester's academic credit for the experience.  For more information, contact the IEL campus coordinator, visit, or write to:

Institute for Experiential Learning
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 707
Washington, D.C. 20006

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