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Women Studies


B.S. Integrative Studies: Women and Gender Studies Concentration

The women and gender studies program at Clarion University is an interdisciplinary community where students gain an understanding of gender issues across cultures. Our values include respect for diversity, open-mindedness and self-exploration. We strive to cultivate supportive relationships between you and faculty, to make connections between personal experience and intellectual development, and to take action for social justice. Our programs enhance your preparation no matter what your major and we prepare you to be an involved, informed and empowered citizen. This program is offered at the Clarion campus and online.

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Minor in Women & Gender Studies

With a minor or concentration in women and gender studies, you develop problem-solving and cross-cultural communication skills that employers believe help you to value diversity in the workplace and function effectively in team-based settings. This background is also important if you seek to work in the public and private sectors where women and girls or men and boys make up the majority of the customer base or clientele. Additionally, research indicates that understanding a societal perspective of gendered power relationships increases both women and men's self-esteem. For women, the increase can lead to increased career aspirations. This minor is offered only at the Clarion campus.


Last Updated 5/26/23