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Transcripts & Diplomas

National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Services

Students and alumni can request official transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It’s quick, simple and secure!

We have authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide online transcript ordering.

Need your official transcript now? Select the delivery method of Electronic PDF. Secure Electronic PDF transcripts are normally processed within 30 minutes.

You can upload a document to be submitted along with your electronic transcript request. You will be presented with the option while placing your order. We only accept PDF, JPG, JPEG, DOC and DOCX files as attachments.

Students may choose to receive order updates via mobile text message and email. Track your order online using your email address and order number.

PennWest University (alumni and students who previously attended California, Clarion or Edinboro University) transcripts consist of a student’s complete undergraduate, graduate and / or doctoral academic history.


$10.00 per Transcript

You can pay for your National Student Clearinghouse transcript order with any major credit or debit card.  Your credit card is not charged until your transcript(s) are sent.


Transcripts cannot be issued until all outstanding obligations are cleared. You will receive an email if you have a hold preventing release of your academic records.


Login through the National Student Clearinghouse secure site:        


Hold for pickup orders can be picked up at the following PennWest campus locations between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.:

                California Campus – Office of the Registrar, Dixon Hall, 250 University Avenue, California

                Clarion Campus – Office of the Registrar, 840 Wood Street, 148 Becht Hall, Clarion

                 Edinboro Campus - Office of the Registrar, Hamilton Hall, 210 Glasgow Road, Edinboro         

*Refer to the academic calendar for days the university will be closed.    

 Important Information to Know

  •  Transcripts from other institutions you provided for admissions consideration are the property of PennWest University. You must contact the originating institution for a copy of that transcript.
  • Transcripts for after semester grades will not be available until the day after grades are due from faculty. When submitting your request, indicate to process “after grades”.
  • Transcripts cannot be sent over-night via FedEx or UPS.


Diplomas will be confirmed after all grades are posted and, if applicable to your program, comprehensive/oral exams results are received and final copies of these are submitted. All graduation requirements must be completed and any course with a grade of Incomplete or In Progress must be changed to a letter grade before your degree can be granted. Also, all transfer credits must be received and recorded.  If you did not attend the commencement ceremony to receive a diploma cover, you may request a diploma cover in writing to the Registrar's Office 840 Wood St, Clarion, PA 16214 and include $3.00 for postage made payable to PennWest University.

All holds and outstanding balances on ones account must be cleared from your record before your diploma can be ordered.  Processing time for ordering your diploma will depend on when the next diploma order is submitted.  Holds include any financial obligations to the University, including fees, parking tickets, Hreachmack loans, keys returned to Public Safety and the completion of the Perkins Exit interview.

Diplomas bear the name of your degree (ex. Bachelor of Science), last date of the term (not the day of the commencement ceremony) and academic honors (ex. Summa Cum Laude).  Diplomas do not include your majors or minors.  Your academic transcript will include all majors and minors.

Diplomas will be mailed to students who have been cleared for graduation approximately 4-6 weeks after grades are processed.  You will receive a confirmation email to your Clarion Eagle Mail once your diploma is shipped.

**Please note: Clarion has integrated with California University of PA and Edinboro University of PA to form one unified university, PennWest University.  Students who complete their degree requirements by June 30, 2022, will receive a degree from their current university (California, Clarion or Edinboro).  Students who complete their degree requirements after that date will receive a degree from the new integrated university.  Your campus location will be reflected on the diploma.** 

Requesting a Duplicate Diploma

Duplicate diplomas are not available at this time. You may submit your request but it will be held until
we can resume processing.

Please complete and submit the duplicate diploma order request form which must include the following:

1. Full/Legal name to be printed on diploma (and any previous names used) • You are required to update your student record with any name and/or address changes • PRIOR to submitting your order. Please complete the Student Information Change Form.

2. Degree(s) and graduation date(s) • Per PASSHE policy, diplomas do NOT identify the major field of study completed, except when it is part of the degree designation (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Education).

3. Number of copies required for each degree ($25 per copy)

4. Current contact information (address/phone number) for mailing

5. Specific instructions on any special handling needs, such as notarization and international mailing which will increase costs and processing time • For expedited and/or international mailings, a pre-paid shipping label is highly preferred and strongly recommended. Since the University is unable to mail via COD and shipping fees may notbe available until a diploma is ready to be mailed, the processing/turnaround time will increase. Any additional payment required to cover special shipping fees must be received prior to the University releasing a diploma.

6. Rush orders requiring immediate processing ($10 per order, not per diploma) - Please indicate “RUSH” on your request. A rush order will be submitted to the printing company within 3 business days of receipt of your written request and payment. The company will then ship the diploma directly to the address indicate on this form within 14 business days.

7. Check or money order made payable to "Pennsylvania Western University"

8. Signature and printed name of requester/graduate and date

Mail requests to the following address:

Registrar's Office
PennWest University
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214

*Processing time for duplicate diplomas will vary depending on the date the request is received.

*Clarion has integrated with California University of PA and Edinboro University of PA to form one unified university.  If you request a duplicate diploma after June 30, 2022, your duplicate diploma will reflect the name of the new integrated university, PennWest University.  Your campus location will also be reflected on your diploma.


Last Updated 2/16/23