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The PennWest Clarion Foundation, Inc. student apartment complex at PennWest Clarion – Venango is scenically situated on 65 acres of wooded hillside overlooking the Allegheny River in the city of Oil City. Oil City offers a congenial, small-town setting for students and boasts a variety of local restaurants, antique shops, bike trails, outdoor activities, cultural opportunities, and more.
  • Two and three-story buildings with two apartments on each floor
  • Each apartment houses up to four students
  • Students enjoy a private bedroom and a semi-private bathroom
  • Students share common kitchen, laundry facilities, and living and dining areas
  • The Michael F. and Joyce I. Hughes Hall features a community center where students of all buildings can gather for studying or socializing.

Venango Apartments

current Rates

Once again, leases for both an Academic Year and an Extended Academic Year will be offered. 
  • The Academic Year Lease will be $6,250. These leases can be paid in ten installments of $625.
  • The Extended Academic Year Lease will be $6,900. These leases can be paid in twelve installments of $575. Summer tenants must be enrolled in summer classes or planning to live at the apartments during the 2023-24 term.

The student apartments offer an array of benefits not commonly found in non-university affiliated student housing. In addition to WIFI access and a Student Apartment Parking Permit being included in the lease, the apartments offer the following:

  • The proximity to the campus is unparalleled and provides students better access to classrooms, teachers, the library, and the cafeteria.
  • All appliances, furnishings, laundry facilities, and utilities (including air conditioning and Broadband Internet) are included. Snow and ice removal is also provided.
  • The apartments are of recent construction. Not only are they in better condition than most non-affiliated apartments, they include safety features such as sprinklers, alarms, and security cameras not commonly found in older buildings.
  •  The application fee is waived for returning students.

Please contact Kristopher Johnson at Oil Region Realty 814-678-2326 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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Floor Plan


Last Updated 9/29/23