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Office of Alcohol and Drug Programming

AlcohoL and Other Drugs Program (AOD)

Similar to all campuses, PennWest Clarion is impacted by substance abuse issues.  Alcohol directly or indirectly affects University students, faculty/staff, and the Clarion community. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by university students may lead to lowered academic achievement, health risks, and decreased productivity. Students who may be experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs may need additional support and guidance.  The AOD program focuses on offering education about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, or other drug consumption to gain student attention in changing the culture around substance use. 

The Center for Wellness joined with Health Promotions encourages students to make positive healthy life choices around the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. The AOD Program provides educational resources for students, faculty/staff, and the surrounding Clarion Community.  The philosophy of the AOD Program views students as adults that can make positive choices towards a healthy lifestyle.  Recognizing that not all students drink alcohol or use drugs, the AOD Program is designed for students to self-asses and reflects on the role of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs have on their lives. 

Our Mission

Provide a comprehensive alcohol and other drug program offering: leadership, prevention, intervention, education, and referral to treatment facilities to all of Clarion's students and employees.

Alcohol and Drug Workshop

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Good Neighbor Program

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Information 

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