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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive (also known as OneDrive for Business) is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files.  It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices.  Your OneDrive provides your with at least 1TB (terabyte) of space in the cloud.

All files that you store in OneDrive for Business are private unless you decide to share them.  You can share files and folders with others (within PennWest Clarion only) so you can collaborate on projects. 

Click here to login to your OneDrive account

If you don't see the OneDrive within 48 hours of enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), email the Computing Services Help Desk

As part of OneDrive you will also have access to Office for the web.  Office for the web includes web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  See the Getting Started Guide for more details.

To access your OneDrive space from your personal devices you can sign in as shown above.  The alternative to using a web browser is available by downloading the OneDrive client app for your device.

OneDrive on a University-owned Workstation

You can use OneDrive on your University-owned desktop or laptop to synchronize local files and folders to the cloud.  Follow these steps to setup OneDrive on your workstation.  During the setup and use of OneDrive, make note of these recommended best practices:

  1. Create a new, empty local folder to store your OneDrive files.  Don't just link to your My Documents folder unless it is empty or you are absolutely certain it contains no files with personally identifiable information (PII).

  2. You should not include Outlook data files (files with .PST or .OST extensions) in your OneDrive folder.  These files can become corrupt or unusable in a OneDrive folder.

  3. Remember that any file you copy to your OneDrive folder will synchronize to the cloud.  Consider the nature of the content in each file before moving it to your OneDrive.  Files must not contain any type of sensitive information and adhere to relevant local or federal policies and guidelines (FERPA, HIPPA, PCI, etc).  


  • Q: How do I login to OneDrive?
    A: Following this link will take you directly to your OneDrive folder

  • Q: What does it mean to sync data to my local computer?
    A: Syncing your data means that you will have a copy on a local computer as well as in the cloud.  You can easily save document directly into your local folder.  The data is then "copied up" to the cloud.

  • Q: How do I create a new folder?
    A: From the web browser, click on the down-arrow next to + New and choose Folder

  • Q: How to I upload a file?
    A: Through the web browser you can drag and drop a file from your local computer to your OneDrive folder. 

  • Q: What happens when I delete a file?  Can I get it back?
    A: When you delete a file it goes to the Recycle Bin for 90 days.  After 90 days it is permanently deleted.  The Recycle Bin folder is listed in the web browser view of your OneDrive.

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Last Updated 8/22/22