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Share Personal Calendar
Open a Shared Calendar
Change or Remove a Sharing Permission
Delete or Remove a Shared Calendar
Share personal or group calendar
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click on the Calendar button
  3. On the Home tab, select Calendar Permissions
  4. Select the Permissions tab if not already selected
  5. Select Add
  6. Type the name of the person you wish to add (e.g. "John Doe").  Highlight the name that you want to add click the Add button and the user's name will display underlined in the text box to the right
  7. Click OK
  8. Under the Permissions you can set the appropriate permissions for the user you just added in step 3 above (e.g., Reviewer, Author, etc.) - see below chart for selecting the correct/appropriate permissions.
  9. Click OK when you are finished selecting the permissions
Permission Settings:
Owner Create, read, modify, and delete all items, and create subfolders. Can change the permission levels that other people have for the folder.
Publishing Editor Create, read, modify, and delete all items and create subfolders.
Editor Create, read, modify, and delete all items.
Publishing Author Create and read items, create subfolders, and modify and delete items and files that you create. (Does not apply to delegates.)
Author Create and read items, and modify and delete items and files that you create.
Non-Editing Author Create and read items s only.
Reviewer Read items only.
Contributor Create items only. The contents of the calendar do not display.
Free/Busy Time, Subject, Location See free/busy time as well as the subject and location of items. Cannot Create Files and can only read this basic information, not the full files.
Free/Busy Time See free/busy time only.
None No permission. You cannot open the calendar.
Open a shared calendar
  1. Log into Outlook (local or OWA)
  2. Make sure to have Calendar View - not mail
  3. Right-click "My Calendars" header on the left
  4. Select "Add Calendar"
  5. Select "Open Shared Calendar"
  6. Click "Name" button (do not just type user name in blank field/box)
  7. Type user first name and then select from "Name" column list

Note:  You will need to make sure that the user who owns the calendar you wish to add has added you with privileges to add &/or modify (i.e. "Reviewer" status).  After user has given you permission, you can then add their calendar by following the above steps ("Open a shared calendar").

Change/Remove Sharing Permissions
  1. Log into Outlook (local or OWA)
  2. Make sure to have Calendar View - not mail
  3. Right-click the calendar name on the left and select "Properties"
  4. Select the "Permissions" tab.  If there is no "Permissions" tab then owner of calendar has not given you permissions to modify permissions.
  5. To Change an existing permission:
    • Next to the user's name, select a new permission setting (if you wish to just modify an existing permission) from the drop-down menu. Click the delete icon (x) on the right to stop sharing the calendar with the user
  6. To Remove an existing user's permission:
    • Highlight the user you wish to delete and select "Remove" button then click 'OK' button.
  7. Click OK
Delete/Remove a Shared Calendar
  1. Right click any shared calendar name currently listed under "My Calendars" (EXCEPT "Calendar" - which is your primary calendar)
  2. Select "Delete Calendar"
Last Updated 3/4/20