Voice Mail Services

Voice Mail Basics

HOW TO Update your voice mail greeting

Voice Mail -- Initial Setup

  1. Dial 3640 if on campus. Dial 814-393-3640 if off campus.
  2. Enter your extension, then press #
  3. Press # when prompted for password
  4. Enter new password, then press #
  5. Reenter new password, then press #
  6. Record name by pressing 1
  7. Press 3 to record a personal greeting [external, internal, temporary] if desired, follow the prompts
  8. End call

Voice Mail Access

  • Avaya Phone Set users can access voice messages, record greetings, and change their password by pressing the voicemail key. Use the directional and soft keys under the screen to navigate through the various options.
  • Voicemail can also be accessed on campus by dialing 3640 or off campus by calling 814-393-3640.


Voice Mail Services -- Additional Information



  1. Call the Avaya Voice Mail system by dialing 814-393-3640.
  2. Enter your 4-digit extension and then #
  3. Enter your password and then #
  4. Press 3 for Greetings
  5. Press 1 for Create, change or delete
  6. Press 1 for greeting number
  7. Press 1 to rerecord
  8. Record your new greeting and press #
  9. Press # to exit
  10. Hang up
Last Updated 7/7/20