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Uniprint FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

Note:  For more information concerning Eagle Dollars, please visit:  ID Office's website.


how much is charged for printing?

  • Single-sided (simplex) black/white:  5 cents per sheet
  • Double-sided (duplex) black/white:  8 centers per sheet (additional duplex costs apply for Coin-Op (cash) transactions; 10 cent minimum fee per print job - see Coin -Op section below).
    • Duplex available in the following areas:
      • Carlson Library - Level 1
      • Becker Lab
      • Music Technology Lab
  • Color Printing:  50 cents per sheet

How do i add eagle dollars to use for printing?

I added money to my eagle dollars account, but now it's not there?

  • Please email Residence Life,, of the Student Operations Center, if you encounter this problem.

Can I send more than one print job at a time to the print release station?

  • Yes

What if I don't want to print this job, what do I do?

  • If you do NOT want your print job, leave it alone.  The Print Release Station will automatically delete the print job in the queue after two hours and will not charge you for it.

How do I use the system?

How do i get a refund of unused eagle dollars if I withdraw or graduate?

  • Refunds must be requested in writing at the ID Office, 236 Egbert Hall, within 30 days of withdrawal or graduation.

Can I pay for printing with coins or bills

  • Yes, these machines are available in the following locations:
    • Carlson Library - Level A (Clarion Campus)
    • Suhr Library (Venango College)
    • Montgomery Hall (Venango College)

Important Coin-Op notes:

  • Duplex Fees for Coin-Op print jobs round up to the next nickel
  • Coin-Op machines DO NOT accept  pennies

How can i check my balance?

  • Balances will be listed on each receipt.  They can also be check in Room 236, Egbert Hall.

My print job has errors or didn't finish completely, what do I do?

  • Ask the lab personnel for assistance.

what if i lose my id, will someone else be able to use my money?

  • Yes, therefore, students should IMMEDIATELY report lost ID cards to the ID office in Room 236, Egbert Hall, so the ID can be invalidated.  Replacement ID's are available at the ID office Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm at a cost of $15.

what are some of the advantages to this system?

  • The Uniprint system automatically places your file in a print queue, which eliminates duplicate jobs from being sent to the printer.
  • Your files are printed in the order that you release them, not in the order that you sent them to the printer.  Any files not released for printing are automatically be deleted after two hours.
  • Since you initiate your print job when your file is released to the printer, no one can walk off with your paper or see information that you want to keep private.
  • By logging onto the computer (Windows PCs only), all print jobs are automatically tied to your unique student MyClarion account making them easy to identify and print.
Last Updated 8/22/22