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pay-to-print lab printing services - students

clarion uniprint system - Students

PennWest Clarion utilizes a cost-recovery printing system in its open computer labs, some discipline specific labs.

The lab print system will automatically debit the Eagle Dollars on your Eagle Card prior to printing.

All full and part time students have a $5 credit applied to their Eagle Card for use with the print system for the fall/spring semester; a $2 credit is applied for summer semesters.  This credit is automatically applied to your Eagle Card; you do not have to open an Eagle Dollars account to begin using your free printing credit.  If you use all of the credit and would like to add additional funds to your card for printing, please see the Eagle Dollars page.

Alternatives to Printing

Departmental Printing

Duplex Printing


Printing Costs & Printing Instructions

Public Lab Locations

Re-print Policy


alternatives to printing

Save your files (data) to a USB Pen Drive (USB memory stick)

  • Insert the USB pen drive device into a free USB Port (if a window pops up, simply minimize the window or close it)
  • Select File, Save As from the menu bar of the program you are running
  • Select the appropriate drive letter for the USB pen drive (i.e. PENDRIVE) from the drop-down menu beside Save in:

**Macs - select the icon on the desktop

  • Type a name to store your data in beside the File name: field
  • Click Save
  • Once you have saved your data and exited out of the application, disconnect the USB pen drive

Save your files (data) using  OneDrive (formally known as SkyDrive)

**These procedures will work for both Windows and Mac systems

departmental printing

To request a printing card for your department, please do the following:

  • Complete the Departmental Uniprint Card application
  • Once the department chair/budget coordinator has signed the application, send or fax (ext.1860) to the ID Office, 236 Egbert Hall
  • The application will be processed with 24 hours after it has been received by the ID Office
  • A printing card will then be sent to your department via interoffice mail
  • The ID Office will forward a copy of the application to the Accounting department, Carrier Hall, and a charge-back transaction will be processed against your fund center
  • The department contact person will receive an email confirming that the charge back was processed
  • This same procedure will be used to apply additional value to an existing printing card

Duplex printing instructions

  • Once you have selected the document or web page that you would like to print, click on File, select Print and choose which printer you would like to use.
  • Click on Preferences or Properties (for web pages it will be Preferences; for documents created in Word, Excel, Adobe, etc. it will be Properties).
  • On the right-hand side under Duplex, click on the drop-down and select Open to Left
  • Click OK
  • Then OK again
  • For detailed instructions, click here.

Printing Costs & Printing Instructions

  • Single-sided (simplex) black/white:  5 cents per sheet
  • Double-sided (duplex) black/white:  8 cents per sheet (additional duplex costs apply for Coin-Op transactions; a 10 cent minimum fee per print job)
  • Color Printing:  50 cents per sheet
  • See Printing Instructions for full details on printing

Public Lab Locations

Becker Computer Information Science (CIS)
Carlson Level 1 Lab (& Laptops)
  Level A Lab
  Level 2 Lab
  Library Science Lab
Davis English Writing Center Lab
Harvey Psychology Lab
Marwick-Boyd Multi-Media Lab
  Music Lab
Science and Technology Center Computational Science Lab
Stevens TIE Lab
Still COBA Lab
Montgomery (Venango College) Montgomery Computer Lab - 311
  Montgomery Learning Support Center Lab - 318A
Suhr (Venango College) Suhr Library Lab (& laptops)


  Re-print Policy

 Eligibility for a reprint:

  • Paper jam
  • Low toner
  • Gobbledygook (nonsense) printing
  • Print sent, but not released
  • In short, any equipment or system error
NOT eligible for a reprint:
  • Too many pages
  • Misspelled words
  • Wrong page numbers
  • Printed the wrong document
  • In short, anything you could have check first in the Print Preview




Last Updated 8/19/22