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Ricoh printing services - faculty/staff

A Ricoh MFP device is a piece of equipment that performs more than one function (i.e. printer or fax). Certain model Ricoh MFP's can print black and white text only and others can print color. Either type of model can provide Print, Scan, Fax, and Copy.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Help Desk at x2640 or

Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is the "Follow you" queue?

When you select the "follow you" queue from your printer list, it allows you to print your jobs securely to any device on campus using your user code. All you have to do is hit file, print, select the"follow you" queue. Next go to any Equitrac enabled device and enter your user code or swipe your badge. Press the Follow you button and your print job list will populate. You can choose which job you'd like to print and print it out. From this screen you can also delete duplicates or print and save to print again later. The jobs will remain in the queue for 48 hours before being deleted.

  • What is "Scan-to-Me"?

Scan-to-me is an easy to use, one touch key to scan something to yourself. Once you enter your user code or swipe your badge, you'll see the scan-to-me button on the left of the screen. When you press that button, you'll see your email address is already programmed in. Pressing scan from this screen will allow you to quickly scan jobs directly to your email account.

  • Can I scan to others?

Yes, you can still scan jobs to other email addresses. Once you login, press the scan hard key on the left of the MFP screen and your usual scan screen will open up. Here you'll see any saved email addresses you can scan to. You can also manually enter one if it's not saved.

  • How can I secure my prints so no one can release them or see them?

Print to the "follow you" queue. Printing to this queue requires a user code to be entered before the print job is released on the MFP.

  • Is the Ricoh MFP's set to be my default printer?

If you open your devices and printers folder, you'll see a green check mark next to your default printer. By default, everyone had the "follow you" queue selected. When Ricoh representatives came around for training, they may have changed this based on your preferences. You can also change it by right clicking on the device you'd like to set as your default and click "set as default"

  • How do I order supplies?

Visit the website and register your Equipment ID number. This number can be found on the front of your device, along with the website address. Delete your old ID if you registered before. Once you add your new device, you'll be able to order supplies easily. If you have trouble, use the chat feature on the site. They are very quick and can get you the help you need quickly. For example, if you're unsure of which staples to order, start a chat. With your equipment ID number, they'll let you know which to order.

  • How do I change from Black and White to Color or visa-versa?

File - Print - Properties - Setup - Color/Black and White - select Color from the available options on the drop down options

  • What type of labels should I use on my Ricoh?

Use either Avery #5160 or 5206 (Laser based printer labels) or OfficeMax #OM99060 (Laser based printer labels)

  • What type of transparencies should I use on my Ricoh?

3M brand (PP2950)





Last Updated 5/5/22