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Protection of Minors

Protection of Minors Policy 

PennWest Clarion's Protection of Minors Policy seeks to promote the safety and security of children under the age of 18 years (minors), who participate in university-sponsored programs or activities held at the university, programs housed in university facilities, or held under the authority of the university at off-campus locations.

This policy:

  • Requires the registration of all programs involving minors that occur on campus and all university-sponsored programs that occur off campus;
  • Describes the requirements of administrators, faculty, coaches, staff, students, independent contractors and volunteers who interact with minors;
  • Informs all members of the university community of their obligation to report any instances of known or suspected child abuse.

If you work at PennWest Clarion and you are hosting minors, please review this list of requirements to bring minors on campus.

If you are a community member, corporation, or external organization who is  hosting an event on campus that minors will be present, please review requirements needed prior to your arrival on campus. 

Last Updated 8/22/22