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Office of Emergency Management

Mission Statement 

The Office of Emergency Management exists to further the university’s mission by developing plans and offering training to maximize human safety and survival, minimize danger, preserve and protect property, and provide for responsible communications with the university community and the public during and after an emergency.

Emergency procedure guidelines

The Emergency Procedure Guidelines are designed to assist Clarion University employees, students, residents, and visitors in reacting safely to any number of emergency situations; however, this is not an emergency response plan for first responders.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Overview

The Clarion University Hazard Mitigation Plan describes actions taken to prevent or reduce the long-term risks to life and property from hazards both natural and man-made.

Pre-disaster mitigation actions are taken in advance of a hazard event and are essential to preparedness, response and recovery after the event.  With careful selection, mitigation actions can be long-term, cost-effective and a means of reducing the risk of loss of life and property. 

Emergency Operations Plan Overview

The Clarion University Emergency Operation Plan was created to address incidents that occur suddenly and without warning, and provides the basic administrative structure and procedures necessary to cope with emergencies.  University management understands that any interruption to services is a potential emergency and the university will use all resources to quickly and safely address the emergency in order to minimize the effect on students, employees, and facilities.

Evacuation Plan Overview

The Clarion University Evacuation Plan outlines the procedures to follow in the event that an emergency presents itself on the campus that calls for a limited or campus wide evacuation.  Its main goal is to address reasons for evacuation as well as an orderly means of doing so.


Last Updated 8/26/22