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Facilities & Resources

lab 2The Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences is located in the new Grunewald Science and Technology Center, a beautiful, energy efficient building with state-of-the-art laboratories and learning spaces. These spaces are equipped with the tools our students need to stay at the cutting edge of science.

Our molecular and cell biology laboratories contain equipment like:
  • Thermal cyclers for polymerase chain reaction
  • Laminar flow chambers and CO2 incubators for mammalian cell culture
  • Epi-fluorescence research microscope with digital image analysis system
  • Research lab centrifuges and microcentrifuges
  • DNA agarose and PAGE electrophoresis,
  • -70°C ultralow freezers
  • Media prep facility containing hospital autoclave
  • Research Scanning Electron Microscope
Students in ecology, environmental biology, environmental geoscience, and geology have:
  • Access to research facilities at Pymatuning Ecology Laboratory, Allegheny National Forest, and old-growth stands in Cook Forest State Park
  • Field equipment ranging from GPS units, and soil surveying equipment to wildlife tracking devices, and backpack electro shockers for fish surveys.
  • Environmental chambers
  • Live animal facility with housing for fish, amphibians, reptiles and rodents
  • A water chemistry lab
  • Vertebrate teaching collection with more than 2,000 specimens of fish, reptiles and mammals
  • Herbarium with more than 1,500 specimens of plants.
  • Geoscience laboratories also take advantage of access to diverse field sites on the Allegheny plateau
  • Field equipment like handheld GPS and Trebble field research units, and ground penetrating radar
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) computer lab
  • Computer Cartography computer lab
  • An extensive mineral collection

lab 5The following laboratories available for undergraduate teaching and research:

  • Seven undergraduate research labs
  • Molecular biology lab
  • Cell biology lab
  • Microbiology lab
  • Media prep facility containing hospital autoclave
  • Ecology lab
  • Genetics/physiology lab
  • Invertebrate biology lab
  • Seven "smart" classrooms
  • Meteorology lab
  • Mineral/Petrology Geology lab
  • Hydrogeology lab
  • Climatology lab
  • Rock preparation lab
  • Soils preparation lab
  • Physical Geology lab


Last Updated 2/22/21