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Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology

The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology is a field station dedicated to environmental education and ecological research. In PLE courses, direct observation and hands-on experience with living organisms under field conditions are combined with modern analytical methods in the study of ecological systems.

Through a cooperative program with the University of Pittsburgh and other universities in the region, Clarion University is able to offer our students an outstanding program in field ecology at PLE. Sessions at Pymatuning are three weeks in length. Each class meets Monday through Friday and only one class may be taken per session.

Classes are listed on the Clarion University summer schedule. Students enroll as they would for any other summer class and pay Clarion tuition. Most students reside on site but residents local to the area may choose to commute. Student room and board provided at PLE for each three-week session is $575. All students are charged a $185 laboratory fee. Room, board, and lab fees are payable to the University of Pittsburgh at the beginning of each session.

For further information, visit the PLE website, watch this video or contact Dr. Andy Turner.

Last Updated 10/28/20