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Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences

Graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences get jobs — but not just any jobs. They get careers in all kinds of fields where their varied and in-demand skills are valued.

Our dedicated faculty mold our students into well-rounded graduates in more than 40 programs and through events that strengthen the community, including conferences, concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions, science fairs, lectures, symposia and workshops.

The college also offers the majority of the general education component for the student body giving everyone who becomes a Golden Eagle the skills to succeed.

Dean Team

Dean of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Laura Delbrugge (left) serves as the dean of Arts and Sciences and Dr. Suzie Boyden (center) serves as the assistant dean.

The team wants students to succeed and works above and beyond to make sure students get what they need to graduate and make a difference in the world.

well-rounded skills

Skills to succeed

Arts and Sciences students have the skills to succeed in college and beyond. Students gain or expand upon skills such as:

  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Time management

With the majority of general education courses found under Arts and Sciences, other majors benefit from the skills found in our college.


Arts and humanities

Clarion University has a reputation for equipping students with the foundation to build upon artistic endeavors and turn their talents into careers. These same students also showcase their talents year round for the community's enjoyment.

These departments enrich students and the community:



Studying the sciences at Clarion University means getting to conduct research with faculty who are at top of their respective fields and getting to use cutting-edge equipment early in your college career. Students also make valuable connections in their respective fields.

These departments give students the advantage over other schools:

social sciences

social Sciences

Students who study social sciences directly affect change and have the opportunity to gain relevant experiences in these fields before they graduate.

Last Updated 10/28/20