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Clarion University's School of Education ranks among the top higher education institutions in Pennsylvania and in the top 15 percent nationally! This tradition of distinction is based upon 150 years of consistent excellence in teacher preparation and development of new programming.

Our rankings include:

  • Middle Level Education (Grades 4-8) - Ranked No. 1 in Pennsylvania (2016)
  • Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Associates Degree - Ranked No. 2 in Pennsylvania (2016)  
  • Special Education - Ranked No. 9 in Pennsylvania (2016)
  • Elementary Education - Ranked No. 11 in Pennsylvania (2016)


The School of Education aligns with the university's True North Initiative and its six priorities for moving the university forward. Eighty-eight percent of graduates who completed a BSE during the 2015-16 academic year earned certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Our programs are nationally recognized for the exceptional preparation of our undergraduate students with our teacher candidates exhibiting a 94 to 100 percent pass rate on exams.

Clarion University is leading the way on many efforts:

  • The School of Education has one of the first early childhood education programs in the state to implement a full-year teacher residency, which will begin this fall. Student teaching will be done the entire last year of the program, with coursework integrated into the student teaching experience.
  • It is the only university in Pennsylvania authorized to offer Competent Learner Model courses for college credit.
  • Clarion led the development of and was the first school to offer the Skills for Teacher Leadership Endorsement.
  • The innovative intervention specialist program boasts a 100 percent employment rate.

Another key aspect of the School of Education is its field experience.

Students have:

  • Multiple field experiences that are intentionally diverse.
  • Exposure to rural schools, larger schools and parochial schools.
  • Opportunities for field work at Cook Forest, McKeever Environmental Education Center, and the Elk Country Visitors Center in Benezette.

Clarion students find jobs all over the country. Last fall, three Clarion students completed their student teaching in Broward County, Fla., where Clarion has established a partnership. We have graduates teaching in Alaska, Arizona, Kansas and Virginia, among others. 


Dr. Gwyneth Price | Dean College of Education
220 Stevens Hall
+1 814 393 2298

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This is where education majors learn to be educators. Education majors are immersed in learning and teaching experiences from the beginning that will help them shape the next generation of thinkers.

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Special Education

Special Education is for the future educator who knows that not every student learns in the same way, but believes every student is capable of reaching his or her own potential. Here, special education majors gain the tools to help others.

Conrad Warner

Conrad Warner

 "Clarion came together and took care of us because it is simply what this university and this community do. This act showed me community, it showed me the level of heart and caring it takes to build a place as special as Clarion, and it made me want to spend my life here."

Ashley Beeson

Ashley Beeson

 "I credit Clarion University with my background knowledge, passion, and willingness to do everything possible to help children flourish."

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