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Gwen PriceThe College of Education, Health, and Human Services encompasses a wide array of high quality programs leading to some of the most exciting and rewarding professions available today. Opportunities in all of these fields are vastly expanding, and the need for people to pursue these opportunities is significant. The college is committed to educating those who wish to follow their passion and commitment to helping, serving, and educating others as a way to impact the world around them. As such, the CEHHS is the integrative home of the following departments:

The college offers a variety of high quality programs incorporating high impact practices that provide students exceptional opportunities for applied learning. Clinical experiences are integral to CEHHS programs and all of them offer a variety of field experiences, laboratory coursework, clinical practice, internships and practicums outside of the classroom.

Students can expect to be professionally prepared to provide service in a global environment in existing and emerging fields through service, research and interdisciplinary collaboration. Programs are offered on the Clarion campus, Venango campus, online and at the Pittsburgh and Somerset sites. The diverse faculty in CEHHS are nationally and internationally renowned clinical scientists and educators as well as advocates for their professional disciplines and the individuals and communities they serve. Many programs are nationally accredited and all curricula are appropriately rigorous, preparing students to be successful leaders in their fields.

I am personally very excited to have the opportunity to serve as dean of this exceptional college. To prospective students I say, "Come. Check us out! I think you'll be impressed."

To those already enrolled in one of our awesome programs my advice is to take advantage of all we have to offer. Study Hard. Learn voraciously.

And to all reading this I offer this thought: Being a part of the CEHHS provides the potential for you to have a lasting impact on the lives of others as you participate in a deeply meaningful career. What greater purpose could a college possibly serve?

Dr. Gwyneth Price
Dean College of Education

220 Stevens Hall
814 393 2298

Elsa Ortiz Wise
Staff College of Education
201 Stevens
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Last Updated 11/16/23