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Formerly known as Curriculum and Instruction, our new completely online, Master of Education Program now includes the first in the state Skills for Teacher Leaders Endorsement as part of the graduate degree.

The M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Leadership Concentration goes to the heart of curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the classroom and unites educational principles, research, and practice.

With the addition of the Skills for Teacher Leaders Endorsement, our program also gives professionals the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, increase their interpersonal skills, become agents of change to help move the organization forward, and at the same time help to increase student achievement.

Acceptance requires an Instructional I PA Teaching Certificate. Skills for Teacher Leaders Endorsement is added to your Instructional I or Instructional II PA Teaching Certificate.

The M.Ed. degree consists of the following requirements (*Skills for Teacher Leaders Endorsement):

Education Core and Specialization Courses (30 credits)

ED 520 Introduction to Research
ED 522 Analysis of Teaching
ED 523 Curriculum Development of Evaluation
ED 529 Foundations of Curriculum
ED 544 Classroom Assessment for Learning
ED 517 Educational Computer Applications
ED 580 Teacher Leadership as the Gateway to Enhancing Instructional Effectiveness*
ED 581 Peer Mentoring and Its Impact on the Professional Community*
ED 582 The Role of Change in the Era of Accountability*
ED 583 The School as a Cultural and Political Entity*

Interested in continuing the development of your leadership skills beyond your Master’s?

Looking for a possible future as a building principal?

Graduates of Clarion’s Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with Teacher Leadership (CITL) have a fast track into this future!

Clarion University has partnered with Holy Family University in Philadelphia to develop a unique opportunity for Clarion CITL grads. Anyone successfully completing the CITL Master’s will have a head-start on principal certification!

Holy Family has a long standing program in Principal Certification that is completely online!  Credits taken in your master’s program will count toward this certification program and tuition has been discounted just for Clarion CITL grads.


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Last Updated 7/22/22