Clarion Admissions Advisory Board

Clarion University Admissions Advisory Board

We are proud to partner and collaborate with educational leaders from our local high schools in Clarion, Jefferson and Venango counties. Members of the Admissions Advisory Board are:

Clarion County

Rosary Pennington - Clarion Area High School

Jeff Standfest - Clarion-Limestone High School

Mike Mellott - Keystone High School

Erika West - North Clarion High School

Judy Rupp - Union High School

Crawford County

Tammy McHenry - Titusville High School

Jefferson County

Ray Doolittle - Brookville High School

Venango County

Andy Godinich - Cranberry High School

Vera Campbell - Oil City High School

Meeting Agendas

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Last Updated 3/4/20