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Graduate Student Orientation


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Student success is our goal!
Get orientated with the tools necessary to make a successful transition to graduate learning. Below is an introduction to some of the resources that are available to you during your time at Clarion, whether online or on campus.

Pay your deposit                                                                                                                                                                        Before you can enroll you will be asked to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit. This will let us know that you have accepted your Graduate Admission. To pay your deposit online via e-check, debit or credit card, log into your MyClarion admissions account at: Your MyClarion admissions user name and password was provided in the confirmation email you received when submitting your application.                                            

Clarion Eagle Mail (Student e-mail account)
Students are assigned a university e-mail account. Clarion Eagle Mail is the official means of communication to you as a student so check your eagle mail regularly. Need help with your account? Contact the Computer Services Help Desk +1 814 393 2640.

Desire to Learn D2L (Student learning account) 
D2L is Clarion's Learning Management System for the delivery of online instruction. If you are enrolled in an online graduate program D2L will be your primary medium of instruction. If you are in an on campus program your instructors are likely to use D2L to supplement their in classroom instruction. Need D2L assistance? Contact D2L Help at +1 877 325 7778.

My Clarion (Student information account)
MyClarion is the student information system for Clarion University. MyClarion provides a comprehensive set of on-line student services such as finding your advisor, viewing course history, pay a bill or updating your personal information.

You have been assigned a faculty advisor to help you plan your program of study and be sure you are on track for the completion of your degree. Your advisor's name, telephone number, and e-mail will be given to you by the department.

You should consult with your advisor prior to registering for classes each term to insure that you develop a coherent program of study. Then register online at the Registrar's Office web page and track your schedule in your MyClarion.

Check with your department for information on available graduate scholarships.

Tuition and Fees
Your tuition and fees are determined by your student status (in-state, out-of-state/international), the number of courses you are taking, and how you are taking them (on-site, interactive video, online).

You will be billed by the Accounts Receivable Office and you may pay your bill by check or credit card either in person at Student Financial Services (1st Floor Becht Hall, 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 16214) , by mail, or using MyClarion (credit card only).

Graduate Employment Opportunities
Each year a limited number of graduate employment opportunities are available to graduate students.  Work hours can vary per week in assignments related to academic programs or university-wide service.  Graduate students perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner and remain in good academic standing. Graduate Students interested in applying for employment should apply through JobX.

Support Services
All students that require accommodations must be registered with the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) on campus. Faculty members are not required to provide accommodations unless they have been informed of your needs by DSS. To register with DSS or for more information, contact Mr. Ron Radaker  (+1 814 393 2095 or

Text Books
Student can purchase books directly from the Clarion University Store, which is located along Main Street in the Suites on Main South. You may also order books from the Clarion University Store by telephone (+1 393 2696) or online at

University Libraries
Clarion Online students may access electronic information resources anytime through the online library. Interlibrary loan service further enables users to expand their research (

The Clarion Authority Bus is free to ride with a student id. If you need a parking permit contact the Public Safety Office at +1 814 393 2111.

Student Housing
Graduate students are eligible to live in university residence halls. Interested students can contact Residence Life Services at +1 814 393 2352. Residence Life can also provide an off-campus housing list.

Meal Plans
A variety of meal plans are available for both students living in campus housing and non-residents. To set up a plan, call the Center for Residence Life Services  at +1 814 393 2352.

ID Cards

All Clarion University students are entitled to photo student identification cards, which can be used for many purposes, including library services at Clarion and elsewhere. Students may obtain ID cards in the Eagle Card Office, 218 Becht Hall, during normal business hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday).

Clarion Online students may obtain a photo ID card following the procedure listed.  Students must provide their full name, Clarion ID number, home address, and phone number for verification along with their photo in jpeg format. E-mail to Once this information is received and enrollment verified, we will process and mail the ID card.

Online Orientation

Every graduate student entering the university in an online program will be required to participate in an approximate two week orientation. Students in an on campus graduate program should contact your department for orientation information. Following your letter of acceptance to the university, you will receive information by the university e-email on how to begin your online orientation.

To help you get ready for your online classes and to become comfortable with online learning via Clarion Online, you will be provided with an instructor led, online orientation beginning before your first term at the University. All students enrolled in an online program are required to participate in the online orientation. After you have enrolled in your online classes for your first term, you will receive a communication from the Clarion Online office shortly before classes begins providing you with more information about the online orientation.


Last Updated 1/31/22