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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment provides students with an opportunity to take college courses and high school courses at the same time. The college credits may count towards high school credits and will be posted on your university academic transcript. 

Dual Enrollment courses are available Fall, Spring, Summer sessions and are taught by qualified university faculty.

Classes are taught through Clarion Online, Main Campus or Venango Campus in Oil City. See the list of approved online courses below that are available for the upcoming semester(s).

On campus courses are available on a case-by-case basis only and with permission of the instructor and dean. Please work with the Admissions office to determine availability.


Dual Enrollment is open to students who:

    • Are Pennsylvania residents
    • Are in their junior through senior year (who haven't graduated high school). Sophomore level student eligibility is on a conditional basis determined by the university
    • Have a cumulative 3.0 high school QPA or higher

Getting Involved in Dual Enrollment

Summer & Fall Dual Enrollment Applications are Due by May 1st. Spring Applications are due by December 1st.

  • Apply online 
    • Select Undergraduate, Clarion Campus & Type as High School Early Admit/Dual Enrollment
  • Choose online courses from the Approved Dual Enrollment Course List
  • Check with your School Counselor to see if the college course can be counted towards any high school graduation credit requirements
  • Submit an official High School transcript with overall GPA for evaluation
  • Submit Authorization Form with signatures from school counselor and parent/guardian
  • Scan, fax or mail supporting documents to:; fax 814-393-2030 or Clarion University Admissions Office, 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 16214


Dual Enrollment Costs

Funding exists to reduce the cost of a course for students meeting program requirements. Current costs: PA Resident $115 per credit (up to 4 credits only) plus a one-time $50 nonrefundable records fee for new Dual Enrollment students. Tuition and fees are billed to the students account online once they are approved and enrolled. Please refer to our Payment Options page for further information.

Students in science, technology, mathematics, and health (STEM-H) related courses – in which a lab, fieldwork, practicum, research, or internship experience is required – will pay a fee of $36.30 per credit to cover a portion of the costs of these experiences. Additional fees and the complete listing of courses this applies to can be found under Additional Fees for Undergraduate Students.

Each student is responsible for the cost of book(s) for their course. Books can be purchased through the Clarion University Store.

*NOTICE* Parents/guardians must first be authorized by students to obtain information regarding student accounts. If you wish to release your records to anyone please complete the Release of Information Form to release academic records, which include grade transcripts, class attendance information, student personnel records, credential files, financial aid records, and student accounting records.

Financial Aid & Payment "How to" Information


Transition to College

Transition from high school to college is made easier by participating in Dual Enrollment.  Some advantages include: 

  • Giving you time to adjust to rigorous academic expectations

  • Remaining in a more comfortable setting (your home or high school) 

  • More opportunities to ask questions

Transferring Credits

Your credits at Clarion University are already part of your official transcript, so you will be earning general education credits toward your intended major. If you decide not to attend Clarion University following graduation, we can help you transfer to the college or university of your choice. You can also explore transfer options at PA Trac for more information.


For any additional information contact Lacy Nettleton at 814 393 2306.
Last Updated 6/6/22