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Clarion University alumni live all over the United States and in many parts of the world. If you’re one of the 58,000 alumni whose love for Clarion remains, we invite you to be part of its continued success.

How? Great question!

Getting involved is the most powerful way to help Clarion continue to thrive. Alumni chapters have been formed in several areas where concentrations of alumni reside, so even if you’ve moved from the Clarion area, it’s still easy to be involved.

An alumni chapter is a way for alumni and friends to connect with one another, engage with the Alumni Association, and stay connected to the university through leadership and volunteer opportunities, student outreach, local events, and social and professional networking.

On-campus alumni engagement events such as Alumni Weekend, Distinguished Awards and Homecoming, and off-campus events including my Pehrsson in Person tour, Pittsburgh Pirates Games and Mid-Winter Golf in Sunny Florida have allowed me to learn why our alumni love our university, and it’s always about the transformation of their lives through Clarion.

The ways to be involved are as plentiful as the alumni themselves. Whether near or far, you can share your time, talent and treasure. Assist in recruiting new students by talking about your time at Clarion and the impact of your Clarion education. Connect as a mentor with current students. Provide internship opportunities. Help new students acclimate to their first year. Welcome new graduates to the community, and help them transition to a new home and job.

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Last Updated 3/4/20