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Circulation Policy

Loan Period & Fine Rate by materials type

  • Books: General Collection - 30 Days - 50 Cents/Day
  • Books: Juvenile & Young Adult Collection - 30 Days - 50 Cents/Day
  • Media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) - 30 Days - 50 Cents/Day
  • iPads (May be used outside of the library) - 14 Days - $10/Day
  • Laptop Computers & Accessories (Carlson) - 14 Days - $20/Day
  • Laptop Computers & Accessories (Suhr) - 14 Days - $25/Day
  • Periodicals: Most Recent Nine (9) Years - 1 Day - $1/Day
  • Periodicals: 10 Years or Older - 7 Days - $1/Day

Maximum Items

The maximum number of items which can be checked out at one time is twenty (20).


If there is no hold on the material, it may be renewed for a second borrowing period (excluding iPads). Prior to the due date, materials may be renewed in-person, online, or by telephone. Overdue materials must be presented at the circulation desk for renewal consideration.

Interested in Online Renewals?

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Maximum Fines

The maximum amount of fines charged against any overdue item (with the exception of iPads, laptop computers, reserves, and periodicals) is $24.50.

Lost Items

Lost Item Processing Fees

An item is declared "lost" when it is forty-nine (49) days overdue. The library system automatically charges the patron twenty dollars ($20) as a Lost Item Processing Fee to help cover the costs associated with ordering and processing (shipping, cataloging, bar-coding, labeling, etc.). This charge is in addition to the replacement cost of the material.

Lost Item Replacement Fees

The library will charge the replacement cost for the item lost or for an approved title similar in nature. Library staff will determine the replacement cost using recognized library vendors. If the material is no longer listed for purchase in current or out-of-print sources, the collection development librarian or Dean of Libraries will be consulted to determine if the original purchase price, estimated price for comparable replacement, or average market price for similar materials is most appropriate.

The following prices are suggested minimum costs based on publishing industry averages:

    • General academic book ... $75
    • Specialized books in categories such as art or sciences ... $100
    • Juvenile book ... $20
    • General Video or DVD ... $20
    • Special Video or DVD set ... $100
    • Music CD ...$20

Note: If a patron prefers to replace the lost material in lieu of paying the Lost Item Replacement Fees, he or she may do so with approval of the collection development librarian or the Dean of Libraries. However, the Lost Item Processing Fee of twenty dollars ($20) must still be paid.

Items Returned After Lost Item Fee Is Paid

On occasion, patrons will return materials that have been declared "lost" and have been billed and paid for replacement. The Library has the option of whether or not to accept the returned item and refund the replacement fee depending upon:

    1. condition of the item and
    2. if the library has already replaced the item

Materials must generally be returned within four months of the original charge date in order to be credited for the Lost Item Replacement Fee. Library staff will credit the patron's account for the Lost Item Replacement Fee and the Lost Item Processing Fee but not accrued fines.


Last Updated 3/14/22