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eligibility policies

 The university expects the operation and activities of general fraternities and sororities to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as all university, governing council, and inter/national organization policy.  

1.  Potential new members must have earned a minimum of 12 credit hours, have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 or meet the organization’s specified minimum standard to join, whichever is higher, and have a previous semester grade point average of at least 2.0, and be in good academic standing before they can be offered an invitation to join. Students transferring to PennWest Clarion will be declared eligible provided that they had a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 at their previous institution and are transferring at least 12 credit hours.

2. The Department of Student Engagement & Development will process Eligibility Verification Forms on a continuous basis and distribute an eligibility list on a regular basis, to be determined at the beginning of each semester.

3. No potential new member may be offered an invitation to join or extended a bid until his/her eligibility has been confirmed by Student Engagement & Development.

4. PennWest Clarion adheres to a deferred joining standard; therefore, first semester freshmen may not be offered a bid to any general Greek-lettered organization until they have successfully completed their first academic semester and meet the GPA and credit hour requirements. 

5. Once a bid has been accepted, a signed bid acceptance form must be turned into the Department of Student Engagement & Development within 48 hours after it has been signed.

6. While this policy prohibits general fraternities and sororities from offering invitations of membership to students without a PennWest Clarion grade point average requirement and transfer students with less than 12 credit hours, fraternities and sororities are permitted to have contact with such students for the purposes of generating future interest in Greek life. Fraternities and sororities are permitted to invite said students to chapter functions, provided that these functions are held on campus.

anti-hazing policies

Any student or organization found to be involved in any hazing activity will face conduct action and may be subjected to suspension or expulsion from PennWest Clarion. A violation of this policy may exist irrespective of any alleged voluntary or consensual participation in the activity by the person(s) being abused. 

For a full version of the Anti-Hazing Policy, please click here. You may also choose to review additional information about the policy in the PennWest Clarion Community Standards, with information starting on page 13.

Last Updated 6/12/23