Wellness Services


Student Concern Resource 

I'm thinking of hurting myself

Immediately call one of the following

Clarion Crisis 814 226 7223

Clarion Textline 63288

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1800 273 8255

National Crisis Textline Text "Start" to 741 741

Clarion University Police 814 393 2111

Clarion University Counseling Services (Non-emergency) 814 393 2255

Venango Crisis info

Somerset Crisis info

Pittsburgh Crisis info


My friend Needs help, what do i do?

Call for Info and assistance

Know how to respond, and call the following for some additional assistance.

Student Support Assistant 814 393 2031

Health Services 814 393 2121

University Police 814 393 2111

Counseling Services 814 393 2255

Clarion CCR Crisis  814 226 7223 or text 63288

Getting help at clarion

Health Services  

814 393 2121

256 Becht hall

Monday - Friday 8:30-11:45 , 12:45-5

Counseling Services

814 393 2255

256 Becht hall

Monday - Friday 8:30-11:45 , 12:45-5

Drug and Alcohol

814 393 1949

256 Becht hall

Monday - Friday 8:30-11:45 , 12:45-5

Resource Guide


CUtalk is a first come first serve meeting with no appointment necessary to help people gather resources so that they can be successful while at Clarion.  Typical reasons for appointments include stress, failing classes, having friends who could use some help, sleep difficulties, trouble making friends, roommate difficulties, or anxiousness.  To see the student support assistant without an appointment, drop by any of the following locations at your convenience.


Resource Guide

Although Clarion does offer health services, counseling services, and drug and alcohol services, you may be interested to know what resources are in the town of Clarion as you make it your home for 4 + years. Below please find some resources the town offers.  If you would like some help making any appointments please come in to 256 Becht and ask for the Student Support Assistant or call to make an appointment at 814 393 2031.

Crisis Numbers

Venango Crisis info

Somerset Crisis info

Pittsburgh Crisis info

Borough Police


Campus Police

(814) 393 2111

Crisis Textline 

Text HOME to 741 741 

Clarion County Crisis

(814) 226 7223

or Text 63288 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800) 273 8255


The Rehab Center

(814) 226 8002

Applewood Chiropractic

(814) 226 5441


Applewood Center

(814) 226 6321

Clarion Dental Care

(814) 223 9968

Drew Hawk

(814) 227 2160

Primary Health Network

(814) 223 9906


CenClear Drug and Alcohol 

(814) 226 4171 

Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission

(814) 226 6350

Family Practice

Brooks Medical Arts

(814) 226 7651

Marianne Family Practice

(814) 226 6770

Primary Health Network

(814) 223 9900

UPMC Northwest Community Medicine

(814) 227 1221

Mental Health

Clarion Psychiatric Center

(800) 253 4906

Center for Community Resources


(814) 226 1080

Christian Counseling Associates (Clarion office)

(814) 220 6244

Family Therapy Services


(814) 227 2941


Family Psychological Associates


(814) 226 4912

Rural Mental Health Associates

(814) 226 9727

Sam Johnson



Victor Cherico

(814) 226 9441

Dirk Vandermeer

(814) 226 9505

Kelly Owens & Joshua Diehl

(814) 226 4862

Wal Mart Vision Center

(814) 226 0909



(814) 226 7138

Marianne Pharmacy

(814) 226 5353

Med Shoppe

(814) 226 9310


(814) 226 0901

Physical therapists

Clarion Rehab

(814) 226 8002

Anderson Physical Therapy

(814) 223 4090


(814) 297 8093

Urgent Care

Primary Health Network, Urgent Care Center      814 297 7070

  • 30 Pinnacle Drive, Clarion, PA 16214
  • (814) 297-7070

UPMC Urgent Care

  • 18 Sportsman Drive
    Clarion, PA 16214
  • (814) 226-6062
  • 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week

Veteran's Services

Butler VA

(800) 362 8262

Clarion County Dept of Veterans Affairs

(814) 226 4000

Clarion VA Outpatient Clinic

(814) 226 3900

Women's Services

Next Step Pregnancy Solutions and Services

(814) 226 7007

Magee Women Specialty Services

814 223 9280

Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC)

(814) 226 8130

Women's healthcare of Clarion 

814 226 8800

Online Students

CUtalk Online

Are you an online student that can't make it to campus? Check out a consultation via email at CUtalk@clarion.edu or by calling (814) 393 2031.  Reasons for using CUtalk Online:

  • CUtalk Online is convenient – Using online communication, we will come up with the best resources to meet your needs
  • CUtalk Online helps students develop an action plan to meet their goals
  • CUtalk is available at your convenience – talk when you can from the convenience of your computer.
  • Simply email CUtalk@clarion.edu and let the Student Support Assistant know how Clarion can help you find success


Veterans and Military


Are you a veteran who wants to talk to a trained professional counselor? Telehealth is for you.  Contact the the Butler VA at (800) 362-8262 to have them coordinate an appointment with the Student Support Assistant.  Telehealth Is  

  • On campus for your convenience utilizing a web based counseling platform
  • completely confidential
  • free of charge for Clarion students



Your son or daughter has made a life changing decision by having the courage to attend clarion university.  you are part of their support and journey.  Your responsibility is to help them stay well while they are here.  Following are some tools that can help you do that, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to call the student support assistant for a consultation at 814 393 2031

Signs of a problem

If you notice any of the following, please let your son or daughter know that you are noticing these.  there is a guide to this conversation following this checklist in the "how to respond" link.

  • Changes in sleep patterns (taking longer to fall asleep, waking up tired, not feeling well rested)
  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Increased frequency of headaches
  • More short-tempered than usual
  • Recurring colds and minor illness
  • Frequent muscle ache and/or tightness
  • More disorganized than usual
  • Increased difficulty in task completion
  • A greater sense of persistent time pressure
  • Increased generalized frustration and anger

How to respond

You have a lot of power to help your son or daughter be successful and transition to college well.  Sometimes students struggle to find friend, become involved, understand their new role, and find emotional balance.  When you notice this happening, it can be difficult to know how to approach the topic with them.  If you are noticing any of the previous signs of difficulty, please use this guide to let your son or daughter know. If you need to talk through it before you talk to your student, call the Student Support Assistant at 814 393 2031.


Faculty and Staff

When students are at school, they spend more time with Clarion's faculty and staff than their families. That's why it's important for faculty and staff members to identify the signs that students are not able to give 100%.  At times, it is very difficulty to know what to say to a student to let them know that you see that they could use some support and want to help them.  Consultations with the Student Support Assistant are to help relieve the stress of initiating the conversation by coming up with a game plan of what to say, and how to acknowledge, care, and find help for students of concern.  If you notice a student who you are concerned about or would like to help them find a way to give 100% to their education, contact the Student Support Assistant, use this resource, or call (814) 393 2031.

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