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Zoom Video Conferencing

important: Zoom has changed!

Clarion Zoom has migrated to PennWest. 
IMPORTANT: Working remotely? If you are off campus and using a university device, you MUST connect to Clarion VPN on May 9 to get the Zoom client update on your system. (The update should occur automatically after connecting) Failure to update may prevent access to Zoom.

Beginning May 9, all Faculty and Staff Zoom (licensed) accounts will migrate to PennWest Zoom.

What information will be migrated?
For employees, migrated data will include your scheduled meetings and Zoom Cloud recordings. Please note: All Zoom Cloud recordings will be retained for 180 days from the date of the recording. If you wish to retain a copy that predates Nov. 8, 2021, (180 days from May 7), please visit Managing Zoom Cloud Recordings for instructions on how to save this information.

For students, no existing accounts will be migrated. PennWest student accounts will be created as students first log in to the new service.

How do I log in to PennWest Zoom?
Beginning May 9, employees and students should access Zoom via the "Quick Access" card at A link to an alternative direct login page will be shared after all Zoom accounts are migrated.

(Please note: saved login information on your browser may not function properly)

If you have not already authenticated your accounts, please do so now.


About Zoom

Zoom is a web-based, high quality, video conferencing and collaboration tool that is available to current PennWest Clarion faculty, staff, and students for instructional and administrative use.

  • Faculty and Staff have a Zoom PRO Account – users may host unlimited meetings with unlimited duration with up to 100 participants. Recording options include cloud or local recording. 
  • Students can receive a Zoom BASIC Account – users may host unlimited meetings of 40 minutes in duration with up to 100 participants; meetings with two participants have unlimited duration. Local recording only - basic accounts do not have cloud storage. 
** IMPORTANT SECURITY RECOMMENDATION **Zoom recommends all users to require EITHER a meeting password OR a waiting room.
On Student 'Basic Accounts', meeting passcodes are already enforced.

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Zoom Login

Zoom FAQ

  • How do I use Zoom while using Remote Desktop?
    • If you are using Remote Desktop to access your office computer you will need to access Zoom outside of the remote desktop application. The camera and microphone being used for Zoom should be those that are connected to the computer that you are sitting in front of. All you need to do is minimize the remote desktop application and open Zoom on the computer that you are currently working from.  If you need to access a zoom meeting form a computer that does not have a microphone or speaker, you can also dial-in to a zoom meeting from a phone -- just following the dial-in instructions from the meeting invite or follow the "join audio" prompts from within the Zoom meeting.
  • How do I customize my Personal Meeting ID?
    • You can customize your personal meeting ID so that anyone can “call” you via Zoom. We recommend that you make your personal meeting ID the same as your office phone number. It makes it easy to remember, and others can look it up in the directory. You can also put the link to your personal meeting ID in the signature of your emails. Click here for step by step instructions.
  • What is the proper Zoom etiquette for meetings?
    • Mute your microphone until it is your turn to speak. This cuts down on background noises (i.e. typing, coughing, sniffling, dogs, children, etc.).
    • Do not sit in front of a bright window or light if it can be avoided. When the light comes from behind you, it makes you appear as a dark silhouette.
    • Frame the camera correctly. If the camera is at an extremely low or high angle you do not look your best or most professional, and it can be distracting.
    • Look into the camera. Looking into the camera rather than at the participants on the screen will have the effect of looking someone in the eye.


  • Call the LTC to arrange training at x1848. 

Additional faculty resources for teaching with Zoom can be found in Module 4 of the "Preparing for Fall 2020: Teaching Remotely" D2L site.


Zoom training sessions can also be scheduled for individual use case scenarios or for departments/groups. To request a 1:1 or department/group training session, please email Training sessions can cover general usage of Zoom, or can be focused on a specific use case for you or your group.

Alternatively, register for Zoom's live training.

Last Updated 8/22/22