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Faculty Experts

Clarion University is proud to present Faculty Experts, which features faculty experts on a variety of subjects. Expertise topics include climatology, meteorology, addiction, labor, and race relations, among others. These faculty members and their fields of expertise may be of interest to the community, colleagues from other universities, authors, journalists, and others. Members of the community may want to have one of these experts speak at a meeting or event. Colleagues may be looking for collaborators for research studies. This process will be funneled through the Marketing and Communication Department – specifically Tina Horner (, so she can put you in touch with individuals with whom you wish to speak. If you are a journalist, and most likely on a deadline, we also encourage you to contact, Tina Horner, as she will be able to respond quickly to your requests.

The following individuals serve as faculty experts in their areas of expertise:

  • Dr. Jeffery Allen, dean of College of Health and Human Services - Traumatic brain injury; geriatric neuropyschology; and Alzheimer's disease
  • Dr. Peggy Apple, associate professor, education — Child development and learning (infant, toddler, preschool, young primary); emergent curriculum (project approach, authentic investigations, higher-order questioning, intentional teaching); classroom environment (room arrangement, learning community); social-emotional development (positive guidance, self-regulation, process feedback, growth mindset); and leadership (change theory, emotional intelligence, program evaluation)
  • Dr. Dip N. Bhattacharya, professor, mathematics — mathematics education; and problem solving and problem posing
  • Dr. Leah Chambers, assistant professor, English — Assessment; first-year writing; retention of at-risk students; service learning; and freshman inquiry seminars
  • Cynthia McCrea, intructor, allied health, human services, rehabilitation - Addiction; forensic treatment; clinical strategies for treatment; administration of an addiction treatment facility
  • Dr. Duane Farnsworth, assistant profesor, mathematics — Functional analysis and operator theory; linear algebra; differential equations;
  • Dr. Steven Harris, professor, biology — Ecology of aquatic insects, biomomitoring, taxonomy of trichoptera; general entomology; and taxonomy of aquatic insects
  • Dr. Valentine James, professor, biology and geosciences — Sustainable development; sustainability of ecosystems and biodiversity; environmental planning and management; urban planning and policy; and developing countries
  • Dr. Mark Kilwein, professor, rehabilitation sciences — Addictions; HIV/AIDS psychology; rural human services delivery; and veterans mental health
  • Dr. Chunfei Li, associate professor, physics — Scanning electron microscopy; nanomaterial; crystallography; transmission electron microscopy; and amorphous alloy
  • Cynthia Nellis, director, University Small Business Development Center — Entrepreneurship; small business; and market research
  • Dr. Miguel Olivas-Lujan, professor, management — Human resource management; nonprofit management and marketing; business in mexico and Latin America; diversity and inclusion in organizations; and leadership in organizations
  • Dr. Ambreena Siddiq, assistant professor, biochemistry — Biochemistry; neurosciences; molecular biology; cell biology; and protein chemistry
  • Dr. Nripendra Singh, professor, management and marketing — Director of "Clarion Consulting Center"
  • Dr. Karl Sprenger, assistant professor, education — Educational technology; computing in schools; online learning; teaching online; and smart notebook and interactive whiteboards
  • Dr. Andrew Turner, professor, biology and geosciences — Water pollution; fisheries; rivers; and lakes
  • Dr. Anthony Vega, professor, geology — Climatology; meteorology; natural disasters; environmental analysis/sustainability; earth science
  • Tracy Veri, instructor, allied health, human services, rehabilitation - Supervision and management of sexual offenders (both juveniles and adults); sexual offender registration; and truancy
  • Dr. Jane Walsh, Assistant Professor — Sociology; social movements; qualitative sociology; labor; race and ethnic relations; and gender and work
  • Dr. Kevan Yenerall, professor, political science — Political science; the American presidency; parties and elections; politics and film; media; state and local government; experiential education and internships; and LGBTQ rights, policy and national and cultural politics
Last Updated 8/22/22