With the new social distancing guidelines, our alumni, like everyone else, are adjusting to the new normal. That means you are either working from home, are home but unable to work or are continuing to provide essential services to others outside the home. Some of you have even become instant homeschoolers or closet organizers.

We want to hear and see how our alumni are doing. Send us a brief (30-60 seconds) video talking about how you’ve adjusted to this change and how you're staying connected to the world around you. Let us know how you and your family have passed the time or how your cat is coping with you being home all of the time. We will use these videos on our social media accounts to encourage our Clarion University community of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

When you submit your video, make certain you are in good lighting with a clear, steady focus. Be aware of background noise that could distort your sound. But mostly, remember to have fun with it! Let’s lighten this load by staying positive, staying connected and staying Clarion proud.

Students are at home finishing the semester. Let’s show them that we’re in this together!

*By uploading, you are giving us permission to
share the content on official Clarion University channels.
Last Updated 3/24/20