Employee Self-Service Access

NOTE TO FIRST TIME USERS: Prior to attempting to use the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal you must change you Clarion password through the MyClarion portal.  Please follow these directions for a password change prior to entering the ESS Portal at the address noted below:

Note, you may want to change the password and then wait a short period to allow the systems to sync before entering the ESS portal.

Password Change Instructions:

a)  Go to the Computing Services home page - www.clarion.edu/computing/

b)  Select "Password Change" from the Web Services list on the right of the page.

c)  Change password based on the parameters defined on the site.

d)  Wait at least five minutes and then follow the directions below for accessing the site:

Web Address: https://portal.passhe.edu/irj/portal

When entering the portal you should come to the following screen; enter your Clarion User Name including the "@clarion.edu"

Your password is the same as your Clarion User Password.

Once you have reached the portal site you should receive a screen that appears as the following including your name in the welcome text at the top; from this page click on Employee Self-Service tab in the upper left hand corner area.

There are four areas for you to view information regarding your Human Resources/Payroll/Employment information; Personal Information, Benefits, Leave & Time, and Payroll.  There is also a help function.  Clicking on each tab or clicking on the brown underlined wording will take you to that particular screen of information options.

Should you experience difficulties accessing the site please contact the Office of Human Resources, Extension 2235.

Last Updated 3/4/20