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Commission on Veteran and Military Affairs

The Presidential Commission on Veteran and Military Affairs shall advise Clarion University's president on specific issues impacting the lives and educational opportunities of current active-duty, discharged, retired military personnel, National Guard members, Reserves, members of the ROTC and all of the aforementioned dependents.

The ultimate goal is to foster a more supportive, inclusive, and responsive understanding and appreciation of the unique needs, issues, and demands placed upon our service members and their families. Our commission will advocate on behalf of all our military-affiliated students, staff and faculty in all aspects of university life which shall include a range of items from recognizing their service to our nation to encouraging our military-affiliated Clarion community to become involved as engaged participants in Clarion's larger campus community. Thus, with the above goal in mind, the Presidential Commission on Veteran and Military Affairs shall seek to carry out the following specific objectives:

  1. Facilitate open lines of communication between military-affiliated students, faculty, staff, and university administration.
  2. Serve as active spokesperson for, and leaders of, the institutional changes necessary and required for Clarion University to become an inclusive campus community that is more responsive to issues impacting our military-affiliated students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Identify and advise the president and the administration on university policies and procedures that may have any effects on military-affiliated students and their families (e.g., counseling services, tuition/billing matters, attendance).
  4. Recommend policies and procedures that will seek to assist veterans and service members in their educational endeavors and that reflect the unique challenges faced by these students (deployment issues, training schedules, and acclimating to student life).
  5. Identify key grant funding sources and inform a comprehensive marketing plan to further our veterans services and recruiting efforts.
  6. Recommend appropriate staffing for recruiting and supporting veterans and service members.
  7. Develop and promote activities that reflect the university's commitment to veterans and service members in appreciation of their sacrifices and those of their families.

Chair: Jamie Phillips, ext. 2391
Co-Chair: Paul Klenowski, ext. 1239
Secretary: Laurie Bladen, ext. 1252
Treasurer: Jason Heavilin, ext. 2626

Last Updated 12/2/20