WGS Library

Books have been donated to the WGS Center over the years and are available for check-out.  New books are placed in the University Library for wider distribution.



AAUW Educational Foundation; Tenure Denied

Afshar, Haleh; Women Development and Survival in the Third World

Adair, Margo et al; Women Respond to the Men's Movement

Adams, Carolyn Teich and Winston, Kathryn Teich; Mothers At Work

Adams, Elsie and Brisco, Mary Louise; Up Against the Wall, Mother . . .

Addams, Jane; Twenty Years at Hull-House

Alcott, Louisa May; Work

Allen, Paula Gunn; Spider Woman's Granddaughters

Alvarez, A.; Life After Marriage

Amnesty International United Kingdom; Breaking the Silence

Anderson, Margaret L.; Thinking About Women Sociological Perspectives On Sex and Gender (2 Copies)

Anderson, Peggy; Great Quotes from Great Women

Andrews, William L.; Sisters of the Spirit

Andrews, William L.; Three Classic African-American Novels

Angelou, Maya; On the Pulse of Morning

Angelou, Maya; Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now

Asian Women United of California; Making Waves

Ashcraft, Donna M.; Women’s Work

Ashton-Jones, Evelyn & Olson, Gary A.; The Gender Reader

Astin, Helen S. & Leland, Carole; Women of Influence, Women of Vision

Atkinson, Holly, M.D.; Women and Fatigue

Austen, Jane; Pride and Prejudice

Avis, Joan P. & Evans, Susan B.; The Women Who Broke All the Rules

The Awiakta Issue; Collages & Bricolages

Awiakta, Marilou; Abiding Appalachia

Awiakta, Marilou; Rising Fawn and the Fire Mystery



Bailey, Allison and Cuomo, Chris; The Feminist Philosophy Reader

Bailey, Brooke: The Remarkable Lives of 100 Women Healers and Scientists

Bailey, Covert & Bishop, Lea; The Fit or Fat Woman:  Solutions for Women's Unique Concerns

Bagley, Kate and McIntosh, Kathleen; Women’s Studies in Religion

Baker, Rachel; The First Woman Doctor

Baldwin, Christina; One to One-Self-Understanding Through Journal Writing

Banner, Lois W.; In Full Flower

Bardwick, Judith Am.; Psychology of Women

Barr, Jean and Birke, Lynda; Common Science?  Women, Science, and Knowledge

Barton, Mary; Elizabeth Gaskell

Basu, Amrita (Ed.) The Challenge Of Local Feminisms

Baxter, Sandra & Lansing, Marjorie; Women & Politics

Beane-Rutter, Virgina; Woman Changing Woman

Beard, Mary R.; Woman as Force in History

Beasley, Angela; Minutes From the Great Women’s Coffee Club

Beauvoir, Simone De; The Coming of Age

Beauvoir, Simone De; The Second Sex

Becker, Robin; All-American Girl

Becker, Robin; The Horse Fair

Behn, Aphra; Oroonoko

Belenky, Mary; Knowledge, Difference, and Power

Belenky, Mary Field; Women's Ways of Knowing (2 copies)

Bell, Diane; Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was, and Will Be

Berg, Elizabeth; The Pull of the Moon

Berkin, Carol and Pinch, Judith L. and Appel Carole S., Edited by; Exploring Women’s Studies- Looking Forward, Looking Back

Bert, Stephen and Marks, S. J., Edited by; About Women

Bernard, Jacqueline; Journey Toward Freedom--The Story of Sojourner Truth

Bernikow, Louise; Among Women

Berning, Joyce Bussan; Echoes From the Heartland

Billings, Gloria Ladson; The Dream Keepers

Black, Claudia; It Will Never Happen to Me!

Blackburn, Jula; A Woman’s Life Among the Aborigines

Blackman, Toni; Inner-Course: A Plea for Real Love

Blank, Joani; femalia

Block, Joyce, Ph.D.; Family Myths

Bloom, Allan; The Closing of the American Mind

Bohmer, Carol and Parrot, Andrea; Sexual Assault On Campus

Bolen, Jean Shinoda, M.D.; Goddesses In Every Woman

Borysenko, Joan, Ph.D.; A Woman’s Book of Life

Boulding, Elise; Women: The Fifth World

The Boston Women's Health Book Collective; The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, 1992

The Boston Women's Health Book Collective; Our Bodies, Ourselves, 1973

Boyd, Loree; Spirit Moves:  The Story of Six Generations of Native Women

Boyd, Valerie; Wrapped in Rainbows

Boxer, Marilyn Jacoby; When Women Ask the Questions

Braddon, Mary Elizabeth; Lady Audley's Secret

Bradley, Marion Zimmer; The Mists of Avalon

Brady, Kathleen; Ida Tarbell

Branden, Barbara; The Passion of Ayn Rand--A Biography (misplaced?)

Brant, Beth; A Gathering of Spirit

Brennan, Shawn & Winklepleck, Julie; Resourceful Woman

Brickley, Ancella R. and Ewen, Lynda Ann; Memphis Tennesse Garrison: The Remarkable Story Of A Black Appalachian Woman

Brittain, Vera; Testament of Youth

Brontë, Charlotte; Jane Eyre (2 copies)

Brontë, Emily; Wuthering Heights (2 copies)

Brooks, Geraldine; Nine Parts of Desire

Brothers, Joyce Dr.; The Successful Woman

Brown, Lyn Mikel & Gilligan, Carol; Meeting at the Crossroads

Brown, Rita Mae; Venus Envy

Brown, Tracy; Dime Piece

Brownmiller, Susan; Against Our Will--Men, Women and Rape (2 copies)

Bruer, John T., Cole, Jonathan R. & Zuckerman, Harriet; Making Waves

Buchwald, Emilie et al.; Transforming a Rape Culture

Bukovinsky, Janet, editor; Women of Words

Bunch, Charlotte & Pollack, Sandra, (Eds.); Learning Our Way:  Essays in Feminist Education

Bundles, A'Lelia Perry; Madam C. J. Walker—Entrepreneur

Burn, Shawn Meghan, Women Across Cultures

Burns, Kate, Editor; Violence Against Women

Burstyn, Ellen and CCH Pounder; When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

Byatt, A.S.; Possession a Romance

Byrd, Ayana; Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips and Other Parts 



Cameron, Lenore H.; Women's Business Resource Directory

Caplan, Patricia and Bujra, Janet; Women United, Women Divided

Cappacchione, Lucia; The Creative Journal--The Art of finding Yourself

Carelli, Anne O’Brien, Ed.D; Sex Equity in Education

Carlson, Dale; Girls are Equal Too

Carson, Rachael L; The Sea Around us

Cassell, Carol, Ph.D.; Swept Away--Why Women Fear Their Own Sexuality

Cassell, Joan; A Group Called Women

Chesler, Phyllis; Letters to a Young Feminist

Chesler, Phyllis; Women and Madness

Chicago, Judy; Embroidering Our Heritage

Chicago, Judy; The Dinner Party

Chicago; Judy; The Dinner Party; A symbol of Our Heritage

Chicago; Judy; Through the Flower, My Struggle as a Woman Artist

Chopin, Kate; The Awakening

Christiansen, Paul D., and young Michelle; Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Chunich; A Gangster’s Girl

Claffey, Anne; Davanagh, Linda; and Russell, Sue; Rapunzel's Revenge

Clarion University Students; Dare (Editions 19 & 20)

Clark, Judith Freeman; Almanac of American Women in the 20th Century

Clark, Wahida; Thugs and the Women Who Love Them

Corea, Gena; The Mother Machine

Caldecott, Moyra; Guardians of the Tall Stones

Cowan, Connell Dr. and Kinder, Melvyn Dr.; Smart Women--Foolish Choices

Cox, Sue; Female Psychology

Creedon, Pamela; Women In Mass Communications

Crossack, Martin, Ph.D.; Love, Sex, and Self-Fulfillment

Cruikshank Margaret; The Lesbian Path



Daly, Mary, editor; Gynecology

Daniluk, Judith; Women’s Sexuality Across the Life Span

Davis, Angela Y.; Women Culture Politics

Davis, Rebecca Harding; Life in the Iron-Mills

DeBeauvoir, Simone; The Second Sex

Debray-Burgos, Elizabeth; I, Rigoberta Menchu; A Indian Woman in Gautemala

De Castillejo, Irene Claremont; Knowing Women A Feminine Psychology

Delinsky, Barbara; A Woman's Place

Denean Sharpley-Whiting, T.; Pimps Up, Ho’s Down

DHA NEWS; April/May 1997

Dillard, Annie; Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Dodson, Betty; Self-love and Orgasm

Dog, Mary Crow; Lakota Women

Doherty, Dorothy Albracht & McNamara, Mary Colgan; Out of the Skin, Into the Soul

Doress, Paula Brown and Siegal, Diana Lasking; Ourselves, Growing Older

Dorr, Rheta Childe; A Woman of Fifty

Douglass, Frederick; Thoughts for All Time

Dowling, Colette; The Cinderella Complex

Doyle, James A.; The Male Experience

Doyle, James A. & Paludi, Michele; Sex and Gender

DuBois, Ellen Carol (Ed.); Correspondence, Writings, and Speeches of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

DuBois, Ellen Carol; Feminism and Suffrage

DuBois, W. E. B.; The Souls of Black Folk

Duhamel, Denise; Ka-Ching

Duerk, Judith; The Circle Continues

Duras, Marguerite; Hiroshima Mon Amour

Duster, Alfreda M. (Ed.); Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells

Dworkin Sari H., Ph.D. & Gutierrez, Fernando J., Ed.D.; Counseling Gay Men & Lesbians

Dworkin, Susan; She's Nobody's Baby



Ebershoff, David; The Danish Girl

The Earth Works Group; 50 Things You Can Do To Save The Earth

Edelman, Hope; Motherless Daughters

Edut, Ophira (Ed.); Body Outlaws

Edwards, Marie and Hoover, Eleanor; The Challenge of Being Single

Eisler, Riane; The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future

Ehrenreich, Barbara; Nickel and Dimed

Ehrenreich, Barbara & English, Deirdre; For Her Own Good

Eliot, George; Middlemarch

Elliott, Maud Howe; Art & Handcraft In the Women's Building

Elshtain, Tobias; Women, Militarism, and War

Emecheta, Buchi; The Joys Of Motherhood

Emecheta, Buchi; The Slave Girl

Endicott, Gwendolyn; The Spinning Wheel

Ensler, Eve; Vagina Monologues

Erikson, Erik H; Childhood and Society

Esquirel, Laura; Like Water for Chocolate

Etaugh, Claire and Bridges, Judith; Women’s Lives: A Topical Approach



Fagenson, Ellen; Women In Management

Faderman, Lillian; Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers (2 copies)

Fairdough, Norman; Language and Power

Falk, Kathrin; How to Write a Romance

Faludi, Suan; Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

Faludi, Susan; Backlash the Undeclared War Against American Women

Faludi, Susan; Stiffed

Farley, Ronnie; Women of the Native Struggle

            Feminist Studies:  Volume 6, Number 1

            Feminist Studies:  Volume 9, Number 3

Fein, Judith; Exploding The Myth Of  Self-Defense

Ferguson, Mary Anne; Images Of Women In Literature

Fern, Fanny; Ruth Hall and Other Writings

Ferree, Myra Marx, Martin, Patricia Yancee, editors; Feminist Organizations Harvest of The New Women’s Movement

Fetterley, Judith; The Resisting Reader: A Feminist Approach to American Fiction

Flake, Sharon; The Skin I’m In

Flake, Sharon; Who Am I Without Him?

Flodin, Mickey; Signing For Kids

Foley, Denise and Nechas, Eileen; Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing

Foner, Philp; Frederick Douglas on Women's Rights

Forden, Carie, Hunter, Anne E, Birns, Beverly; Readings in the Psychology of Women Dimensions of the Female Experience

Forman, Murray and Neal, Mark Anthony; That’s the Joint: The Hip Hop Studies Reader

Fowlkes, Diane L.; White Political Women

Frankenberg, Ruth; White Women, Race Matters

Fraser, Antonia; The Warrior Queens

Freedman, Samuel G.; Small Victories

Freeman, Jo; Women:  A Feminist Perspective

Freeman, Lucy & Strean, Herbert S., Dr.; Freud & Women

Freire, Paulo; Pedagogy of the Oppressed

French, Marilyn; The Bleeding Heart; The War Against Women

French, Marilyn; The War Against Women

French, Marilyn; The Women's Room

Friday, Nancy; Forbidden Flowers

Friday, Nancy; My Mother My Self

Friedan, Betty; It Changed My Life

Friedan, Betty; The Second Stage

Fiedensohn, Doris & Rubin, Barbara; Generations of Women

Frieze, Irene H. et al.; Women and Sex Roles A Social Psychological Perspective

Frye, Marilyn; The Politics Of Reality

Fuentes, Annette and Ehrenreich, Barbara; Women in the Global Factory

Fuller, Margaret; Woman in the Nineteenth Century

Funk, Rus Ervin; Stopping Rape A Challenge For Men



Gabrial, Susan L. & Smithson, Isaiah; Gender in the Classroom

Gaffney, Patricia; The Saving Graces

Gager, Nancy;editor; Women’s Rights Almanac

Gaines, Ernest, editor; A Lesson Before Dying

Gallop, Jane; Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment

Gardner, John & Mary-Jane McCarthy; Your College Experience

Garland, Anne Witte; Women Activists Challenging the Abuse of Power

Gaskell, Elizabeth; Mary Barton

Gates, Henry Louis; The Classic Slave Narratives

Gayman, Gloria Leaks; 215 African American Women You Should Know About

George, Demetra; Mysteries of the Dark Moon

Gibbons, Kaye; Charms for the Easy Life

Giddings, Paula; When and Where I Enter

Gilbert, Paula Ruth and Eby, Kimberly K.; Violence and Gender: An Interdisciplinary Reader

Gilbert, Sandra M. & Gubar, Susan; No Man’s Land

Gilligan, Carol; In A Different Voice (2)

Gillman, Charlotte Perkins; The Yellow Wallpaper

Gmelch, Sharon Bohn; Gender on Campus

Golden, Arthur; Memoirs of a Geisha

Goldberg, Herb; The New Male Female Relationship

Goldberger, Nancy, Tarule, Jill, Clinchy, Blythe, Belenky, Mary; Knowledge, Difference, and Power

Goleman, Daniel; Emotional Intelligence

Goodall, Jane; Reason For Hope

Gordon,Virginia & Thomas Minnick; Foundations

Gornick, Vivian & Moran, Barbara K.; Women In Sexist Society

Gornick, Vivian ; Women in Science: Portriats from a Worlds in Transition

Greenspan, Karen, editor; The Timetablesof Women’s History

Griffin, Lynne and McCann, Kelly; The Book of Women

Griffith, Elisabeth; In Her Own Right The Life Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Grewal, Inderpal and Kaplan, Caren; An Introduction to Women’s Studies: Gender in a Transnational World

Gustafson, Sigrid B. & Magnusson, David; Female Life Careers: A Pattern Approach



Haber, Simone; Guide to the Universe of Women in Higher Education

Hackett, Jill; Women, Voice, and Writing

Hall, Nor; The Moon and The Virgin

Hamilton, Jane; The Book of Ruth

Harding, Esther M.; The Way Of All Women

Harragan, Betty Lehan; Games Mother Never Taught You

Harris, Juliette & Pamela Johnson; Tenderheaded: A Comb-bending Collection of Hair Stories

Hartman, Joan E. and Messer-Davidow, Ellen; (En) Gendering Knowledge

Heimel, Cynthia; Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth, I'm Kissing You Good-bye!

Helgesen;  The Female Advantage

Henry, Sherrye; The Deep Divide: Why American Women Resist Equality

Hensel, Nancy; Realizing Gender Equality in Higher Education

Hepburn, Daisy; Why Doesn’t Somebody Do Something?

The Heresies Collective; Food is a Feminist Issue –make label from Lisa Covington 2004

Heron, Liz; Truth, Dare or Promise:  Girls Growing up in the Fifties

Herrera, Hayden; Frida:  A Biography of Frida Kahlo

Herrrmann, Anne C. & Steward, Abigail J.; Theorizing Feminism Parallel Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Hess, Thomas B. and Baker, Elizabeth; Art & Sexual Politics: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists

Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy; The Cult of Thinness

Hill, Anita; Speaking Truth To Power

Hoagland, Sarah Lucia; Lesbian Ethics

Hoffman, Alice; Turtle Moon

Hogan, Linda; Power

Holden, Henry M.; Hovering

Holeton, Richard; Encountering Cultures

Holley, Marietta; Samantha Rastles the Woman Question

Hooks, Bell; Ain't I A Woman

Hooks, Bell; All About Love

Hooks, Bell; Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center

Hooks, Bell; Sisters of the Yam

Hoagland, Sarah Lucia; Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value

Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki & James D.; Farewell to Manzanar

Hoyenga, Katherine Blick & Hoyenga, Kermit T.; Gender Related Differences

Huber, Joan, Editor; Changing Women in a Changing Society

Humm, Maggie; Feminisms A Reader

Hungry-Wolf, Beverly; The Ways of My Grandmothers

Hunter College WS Collection; Women's Realities Women's Choices

Hunter, Mark; The Passions of Men

Hurston, Zoia Neale; Their Eyes Were Watching God; Jonah's Gourd Vine

Hyde, Jane Shibley; Half the Human Experience, The Psychology of Women



Ibieta, Gabriella; Latin American Writers

Indiana University Press; Journal of Women's History

Inness, Sherrie A. (Ed.); Millennuim Girls

Irwin, Inez Haynes; Angels and Amazons

Iverson, Kristen; Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth



Jackson, Donna; How To Make The World A Better Place For Women - In Five Minutes A Day

Jackson, Helen; Convent Cruelties

Jackson, Stevie; Women's Studies: A ReaderJ

James, Janet Lee; One particular Harbor

Jenkins, Elizabeth; Elizabeth The Great

Jensen, Robert; Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

Jeffrey, Julie Roy; Frontier Women (2 copies)

Johnson, Alan G.; The Gender Knot

Johnson, Alan G.; Privilege, Power and Difference

Johnson, Kathryn M.; If You Are Raped; What Every Woman Needs To Know

Johnson, Sonia; Wildfire Igniting the She/volution

Jong, Erica; Fear of Flying

Jordon, Judith,V., Kaplan, Alexandria G., Miller, Jean Baker, Striver, Irene P., Surrey, Janet L.; Women’s Growth In Connection

Jordon, Judith; Women’s Growth in Diversity

Josefowitz, Natasha; Is This Where I Was Going?

Josselson, Ruthellen; Reuising Herself



Kadohata, Cynthia; In the Heart of the Valley of Love

Kano, Susan; Making Peace with Food

Kaplan, Temma; Crazy for Democracy

Kaser, Joyce S., Sodker, Myra Pollack and Sadler, David Miller; Guide For Sex Equity Trainers (2 copies)

Kay, Thompson; The feminist Classroom

Keen, Same and Valley-Fox, Ann; Your Mythic Journey

Keetz, May A.; The Status of Female Faculty in Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

Kemp, Alice Abel; Women's Work

Kerr, Carmen; Sex For Women

Kessler-Harris, Alice; In Pursuit of Equity

Kesselman, Amy, McNair, Lily D., & Schneidewind, Nancy; Women:   Images and Realities

Kidd, Sue Monk; The Secret Life of Bees

Kindlon, Dan, Ph.D. and Michael Thompson, Ph.D.; Raising Cain

Kingsolver, Barbara; The Bean Trees

Kingsolver, Barbara; The Poisonwood Bible

Kingston, Maxine Hong; The Woman Warrior

Kirk, Gwyn and Okazawa-Rey, Margo; Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives (Fourth Edition)

Kitch, Sally L. & Konek, Carol Wolf; Women and Careers

Klapthor, Margaret Brown; The First Ladies

Kletzien, S. Damon; Directory of Pennsylvania  Foundations

Kogawa, Joy; Itsuka

Kornfield, Eve; Margaret Fuller; A Brief Biography With Documents

Kolmar, Bartkowski; Feminist Theory

Korn, Fadumo; Born in the Big Rains

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth; On Death and Dying

Kramarae, Cheris and Treichler, Paula A.; A Feminist Dictionary

Kramer, Laura; The Sociology of Gender

Krass, Peter; Sojourner Truth - Antislavery Activist

Krummel, Debra A. and Kris-Etherton, Penny M.; Nutrition in Women’s Health

Kunjufu, Jawanza; Hip Hop Street Curriculum



LaDuke, Winona; Last Standing Woman

Lanker, Brian; I Dream A World

Larde, Audrey; Sister Outsider

Lark, Susan; Chronic Fatigue

Laskas, Jeanne Marie; The Balloon Lady and Other People I Know

Las Mujeres;  Mexican American Women

Lee, John; The Flying Boy

Leigh, Michelle D.; Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

Leighton, Mira Crone; A Meditation On Womanhood

Lerner, Gerda; The Creation of Feminist Consciousness

Lerner, Harriet Goldher, Ph.D.; The Dance of Intimacy

Lerner, Harriet; The Mother Dance

Letts, Billie; Where The Heart Is

Liddington, Jill & Norris, Jill; One Hand Tied Behind Us

Liebow, Elliot; Tell Them Who I Am

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow; Gift From the Sea

Lips, Hilary M.; Sex & Gender

Lips, Hilary M.; Women, Men, and Power

Lips, Hilary M., Colwill, Nina Lee; The Psychology of Sex Differences

Liswood, Laura A.; Women World Leaders

Little Known Black History Facts (unknown author)

Loewen, Jams, editor; Lies My Teacher Told Me

Longman, Debbie & Rhonda Atkinson; College Learning & Study Skills

Lord, Sharon B. & Crowder-Patton, Carolyn; Appalachian Women

Lorde, Audre; Sister Outsider

Lott, Bernice; Women's Lives

Lurie, Alison; Foreign Affairs



Maccobu, Eleanor Emmons and Jacklin, Carol Nagy; The Psychology of Sex Differences

Macdonald, Anne L.; FEMININE INGENUITY:  How Women Inventors changed America

Madison, D. Soyini; The Woman That I Am

Machan, Katharyn Howd; Belly Words

Maggio, Rosalie; NonSexist Word Finder: A Dictionary

Maher, Frances A. and Tetreault, Mary Kay Thompson; The Feminist Classroom

Maher, Jan; Most Dangerous Women

Mairs, Nancy; Remembering the Bone House:  An Erotic of Places and Spaces; Plaintext, Deciphering a Woman's Life

Malamed, Elissa, Ph.D.; Mirror Mirror The Terror Of Not Being Young

Mander, Anica Vesel & Rush, Anne Kent; Feminism As Therapy

Mariechild, Diane with Goodman, Shuli; The Inner Dance

Marshall, Richard; Witchcraft: The History and Mythology

Marshall, Susan E.; Splintered Sisterhood

Martin, Wendy; The American Sisterhood

Martin, Wendy (Ed.); We Are the Stories We Tell

Martz, Sandra (ED.); When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple

Matlin, Margaret W.; The Psychology of Women

McBride, James; The Color of Water

McCall, Sidney; The Strange Women

McGill, Michael E.; The McGill Report on Male Intimacy

McLaughlin, Patrick G.; Narrative Structure and Narrative Sense:  Women's Writing In The Words Of Zora Hurston, Margaret Drabble, and Isabel Allende

McMahan, Elizabeth, et al.; Nine Short Novels by American Women

McMillan, Terry; How Stella Got Her Groove Back

McMillan, Terry; Waiting to Exhale

McShane, Claudette; Warning!  Dating May be Hazardous to Your Health

Melindy, Mary R., M.D., Ph.D.; The Ideal Women

Menchu, Rigoberta; I. Rigoberta Menchu (2 copies)

Merlo, Alida V. and Pollock, Joycelyn M.; Women, Law and Social Control

Meyers Madeline; Forward Into Light:  The Struggle For Woman's Suffrage

Michael, Gagnon, Laumann, and Kolata; Sex In America

Michaels, Joanne; Living Contradictions

Miles, Rosalind; Who Cooked the Last Supper?

Miller, Jean Baker; Toward a New Psychology of Women

Miller, Jody; Getting Played: African American Girls Urban Inequality and Gendered Violence

Millett, Kate; Sexual Politics

Minas, Anne; Gender Basics (2 copies)

Minnich, Elizabeth Kamarck; Transforming Knowledge

Minot, Susan; Monkeys

Mitchard, Jacquelyn; The Deep End of the Ocean

Mitchell, Patricia Turner; Cracking the Wall

Moraga, Cherrie and Anzaludua, Gloria; This Bridge Called My Back

Morgan, Robin; Sisterhood is Global

Morris, Roger; Partners in Power

Morrison, Toni; Beloved

Morrison, Toni; Beloved; The Bluest Eye

Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin; Three Cups of Tea

Munsch, Robert N.; The Paper Bag Princess

Murkheyie, Bharati; Jasmine

Muscio, Inga; Cunt



Nachman, Elana; Riverfinger Woman

Nanton, Monte; Marriage: Grounds For Divorce

Nathan, Monique; Virginia Woolf

National Comission on the Observance of International Women’s Year 1976; To Form a More Perfect Union: Justice for American Women

Nelson, Dr. Angelia; The Ghetto is Not My Final Destination

Nies, Judith; Seven Women

Nikuradse, Tamara; My Mother Had A Dream

Norris, Gunilla; Sharing Silence--Becoming Bread--Journeying in Place

Norton, Mary Beth; Major Problems in American Women's History NWSA Journal (3)



O’Brien, Lucy; SheBop

O’Toole, Laura and Schiffman, Jessica and Kiter Edwards, Margie L.; Gender Violence (Second Edition)

Oblinger, Carl; Interviewing the People of Pennsylvania:  A Conceptual Guide To Oral History

Ojeda, Linda; Menopause Without Medicine

Oliver, R. and Fage J. D.; A Short History of Africa

Orbach, Susie; Fat Is A Feminist Issue

O-Reily, L. D. Bernard, Rev.; The Mirror of True Womanhood

Orenstein, Peggy; Cinderella Ate My Daughter

Orenstein, Peggy; School Girls

Osborn, M Elizabeth, edited by; On New Ground



Paley, Vivian Gussin; White Teacher

Paglia, Camille; Sex, Art, and American Culture

Parker, Rozsika, & Pollock, Griselda; Old Mistresses

Parker, Gwendolyn M.; Tresspassing

Paterson, Judith; Be Somebody; A Biography of Marguerite Rawalt

Payne, Karen; Between Ourselves: Letters Between Mothers and Daughters

Peach, Lucinda Joy; Women and World Religions

Pearlman, Mickey; Listen to Their Voices: 20 Interviews with Women Who Write

Pearsall, Marilyn; Women and Values

Pearson, Carol S., Shavlik, Donna L. & Touchton, Judith G.;

            Educating the Majority Women Challenge Tradition in Higher Education

Pearson, John; To Be Nobody Else

Peiss, Kathy & Smith, Barbara Clark; Men and Women

Penelope, Julia & Wolfe, Susan J.; The Original Coming Out Stories

Penelope, Julia & Wolfe, Susan J.; Lesbian Culture

Penn, Shana; The Women's Guide to the Wired World

Perkins, Useni Eugene; Afro Centric Self Inventory and Discovery Workbook

Pestrak, Debra; Playing with the Big Boys

Pies, Cheri; Considering Parenthood

Piercy, Marge; Colors Passing Through Us

Pipher, Mary Ph,D.; Reviving Ophelia (2 copies)

Plant, Christopher & Judith; Turtle Talk

Pollock, David C. and Ruth E. Van Reken; Third Culture Kids

Post, Laurens Var Der; Jung And The Story Of Our Time

Postman, Neil and Weingartner, Charles; Teaching as a Submissive Activity

Pough, Gwendolyn; Check It While I Wreck It

Pough, Gwendolyn; Home Girls Make Some Noise: Hip Hop Feminism Anthology

Powell, Elizabeth; Talking Back To Sexual Pressure:  What To Say

PREVENTION Magazine Ed., The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women

A Publication of MoPirg Foundation; A Handbook on women and the Law in Missouri



Quindlen, Anna; One True Thing

Quotable Women  A collection of shared thoughts



Radner, Gila; It's Always Something

Ragan, Kathleen; Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters

Rea, Lorraine; The Woman Within

Read, Phyllis J. & Witlieb Bernard L.; The Book of Women's Firsts

Redgrove, Pete & Shuttle, Penelope; The Wise Wound

Rehak, Melanie; Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Woman Who Created Her

Reid, Robert; Marie Curie

Renzetti, Claire M. & Curran, Daniel J.; Women, Men and Society

Rhys, Jean; Wide Sargasso Sea

Rich, Adrianne; Of Women Born

Rich, Adrienne; The Dream of a Common Language

Ringenberg, Margaret J.; Girls Can’t be Pilots

Rivers, Amoja Three; Cultural Etiquette

Roberts, Cokie; We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters

Roberts, JR; Black Lesbians

Rodin, Judith, Dr.; Body Traps  

Rose, Gillian; Feminism Geography

Ross-Kubler, Elizabeth; On Death and Dying

Roth, Diana Furchtgott and Christina Stolba; The Feminist Dilemma: When Success Is Not Enough

Rothenberg, Paula S.; Race, Class, & Gender in the United States

Rotter, Pat; Bitches and Sad Ladies

RowBotham, Sheila; A Century of Women

Rowlandson, Mary; The Sovereighnty and Goodness of God

Royster, Jacqueline Jones; Southern Horrors and Other Writings; The Anti-Lynching Campaign of Ida B. Wells, 1892-1900

Rubin, Lillian Breslow; Worlds of Pain

Russianoff, Penelope, Ph.D.; Why Do I Think I Am Nothing Without A Man?

Russo, Vito; The Celluloid Closet

Ruth, Sheila; Issues in Feminism:  An Introduction to Women's Studies

Ruth, Sheila; Take Back The Light; A Feminist Reclamation of Spirituality and Religion



Saadawi, Nawal El; The Hidden Face of Eve

Sadker, Myra Pollack & Sadker, David Miller; Sex Equity Handbook For Schools

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