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Integrative Studies

Why Integrative Studies?

When your interests extend across the boundaries of traditional disciplines like the humanities and sciences and include professional areas like business, education and healthcare, it's hard to find a major with the flexibility to integrate them all.

The Integrative Studies degree encourages you to do just that: If you want a degree that merges your interests in art, graphic design, and journalism, Integrative Studies offers you that option. If you want to have a strong foundation in science and writing to become an environmental lawyer, Integrative Studies offers you that option. If you want to pursue graduate study, the Integrative Studies degree can prepare you for that advanced work.

Employers seek employees who have a breadth of knowledge in multiple areas and the ability to work across traditional disciplinary lines AND who have developed strong critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. The Integrative Studies degree focuses on those skills and abilities. Our graduates have succeeded in a wide range of careers in business, government, and beyond.

Given the great flexibility of the Integrative Studies degree, students of all ages and backgrounds on campus and online, can find their academic home in Integrative Studies.

Finishing Your Degree

Quite often, students begin their college careers, and then life interferes. If you'd like to learn how the Integrative Studies program can move you forward to graduation, please contact us.

Clarion University has a great track record of working with transfer students and Clarion University students returning to complete their degrees.

Academic minors and dual majors

You'll work with your academic advisor to design a program of study. Consider adding a minor in the discipline that you are most interested in.

You might also want to pursue a dual major, partnering your Integrative Studies with another degree or major that complements your Integrative Studies program.

Post-baccalaureate students can pursue an Integrative Studies concentration that doesn't duplicate their existing degree.

General Requirements

Admission and academic standards requirements for the B.S. Integrative Studies are the Clarion University standards. The degree is based upon the standard eight-semester sequence of courses, requiring a minimum of 120 semester hours for graduation.

To earn the B.S. in Integrative Studies, the student must complete 48 credits in the major with a minimum cumulative quality-point average of 2.00 for all course work.

Integrative Studies Concentrations

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Dr. Ellen Foster
Director of Integrative Studies
814 393 2158


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"I use my major daily. Ethics and quantitative skills are those I am most called upon to use. Clarion was such a great preparation for the corporate world."
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