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The designation of “Club Sports” will be given to those organizations that choose to participate in athletic competition with outside organizations on a non-varsity status.


Recognition Process:

To obtain Club Sport status, an organization must meet the stipulations set forth by the Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports (IRCS) Committee and item D of Student Senate’s Recognized Student Organization Policy.  If all conditions are satisfactorily completed and confirmed by the IRCS Committee and the Director of Campus Recreation, then the request for Club Sport status will be forwarded to Student Senate for action regarding official recognition. 


Club Sports will be supervised by the Director of Campus Recreation and will be placed under the general umbrella of Campus Recreation.  The Center for Leadership and Involvement will provide the same support services to Club Sport teams that it does for all other Recognized Student Organizations.  Each Club Sport team will be required to submit a current roster to the Director including release waivers, and proof of individual or group accident and injury insurance coverage. 


The Director, with Club Sport Council approval, will recommend the recognition of individual teams to Student Senate, submit a request for Clarion Student Association (CSA) funding for all Club Sport teams, and generally supervise the overall administration of the Club Sports program.  Other duties of the Director shall include:

  • Oversee the scheduling of facilities for practices and competitions. 
  • Supervise the appointment, evaluation, and retention process of Sport Club coaches.
  • Oversee the expenses and distribution of club funds through the CSA office.
  • Manage the implementation of First-aid/CPR training for at least two officers from each Club Sport team or proof of an on-site medically trained professional. 

Responsibilities of the CSA Office:

  • Maintain all financial accounts for each club, including fundraising dollars.
  • All club money must be kept in a CSA account, (all pre-existing off-campus accounts must be transferred to the CSA and those accounts closed).
  • The CSA Business Manager and the Director of Club Sports must both sign for all Club Sport purchases/expenses.

Club Sports Student Representation:

Each recognized Club Sport team may have two designated participants to serve on the Club Sports Advisory Board and one designated Club Sport officer will serve on the Club Sport Council. These groups will allow Club Sport teams to have a voice in the administration and management of the program. 

Club sport policies:

Club Sport Policies


interested in starting a club Sport?

All inquiries are accepted and encouraged by current Clarion University students. If you are interested in starting a Club Sport or have any questions regarding current clubs, please contact Hayden Thorpe.



Hayden Thorpe, Director of Campus Recreation


Club Sports


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Rugby, Women's

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