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Updated: 14-AUG-2020


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Browser info

D2L works best with Chrome or Firefox. Download both of these browser applications so that you have an alternative browser if you are unable to work in your computer's default browser (usually Edge or Safari). Download both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome from our Technical Requirements webpage.


TAKING TESTS ONLINE - Best practices

  • Use  the Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Use a desktop version of D2L. The Pulse app and mobile devices such as phones, or tablets are not recommended. 
  • Use a wired connection for the optimum experience while taking a D2L quiz online. Home wireless connections may be slower or unstable due to internet connection sharing and interference from common home appliances.
  • What should you do if the quiz becomes unresponsive? This may happen if your internet connection is unstable (such as a wireless connection). Follow the steps below to determine if you can continue your quiz attempt:
    • Refresh your browser. During a quiz attempt, you can safely "refresh" your browser (reload the page using the refresh icon near the browser address bar, or the F5 key on Windows, or Command + R on Mac) and continue your quiz as long as the quiz time-limit has not expired and your quiz attempt has not been submitted.
    • Re-enter the quiz. If you are 'kicked-out' of the quiz, log back into D2L. Use the quiz navigation on the left side of the quiz screen to continue where you left off. 
    • Quiz questions are Automatically saved. However, if you lost connection with your exam, you may have to re-select a recent answer. 
    • TIP: For written response (essay) questions, consider typing your answer in a Word doc and pasting into the quiz to quickly retrieve your answer in the event of a disconnection. 
  • Taking a quiz in D2L documentation(PDF) 

Zoom resources 

D2L 'Assignments'

D2L Assignments tool is a dropbox where you can upload files. Your instructor will typically create a folder for your file upload.  To locate, click Assessments > Assignments in your course navigation bar. 


Campus pack wikis, blogs, journals, and podcasts

Campus Pack is a third-party tool integrated within D2L. Students will NEVER have to log in to Campus Pack directly. Just click the Campus Pack link provided by your instructor in a D2l course. 

  • Using the Campus Pack tools to create wiki pages, a blog or journal entry, or podcast
  • Working with a Wiki Template - If your instructor created a wiki template for you, this guide will help you edit the existing pages and links. Not all wiki assignments use a template. Use the document above to learn how to create a wiki, blog, journal or podcast entry.
  • Mac Users - Safari settings:
    • Please access your Safari preferences menu and change the setting under Privacy. UNCHECK
      the box next to "Prevent Cross-site tracking". You also must UNCHECK the box next to "Block all cookies". Refresh the browser and access the campus pack link again. 
Last Updated 8/14/20